Jiangxi, a secretary of the county Party committee scolded more than the Secretary did not stand the oboni

Jiangxi county Party Secretary Secretary: the station did not stop at more than sit didnt sit – Sohu news recently, a video is about the "Jiangxi Ningdu county Party Secretary in" freak "ruthless reprimanded more than director" in the online heat transfer, tens of thousands of users after watching the video, have the book point of praise. Originally, the county Party Secretary Wang Sihua in the research, strong criticism of some leading cadres lazy style, and said to the hard problem remediation work style of cadres. In this period of 2 minutes and 46 seconds in the video, Wang Sihua handheld microphone at the local director: "some people think that more than the county government paid no attention to me, do not pay attention to you, when you got the director? What did you do when you were the chief executive? Ask yourself." Station did not stand, sit no phase, the speech did not speak the image, the speech can not speak out, can not tell you that the research is not deep, do not understand the situation." Wang Sihua proposed to punish cadres style: Ningdu has done so many years, so far, there have been changes, but how profound changes, the key cadres, the key in our number one." The video was spread on the Internet, causing widespread concern, users have commented. Secretary Wang Ning in these years, we feel good people…… Under the guidance of the Secretary Wang, under the leadership of the county to the township have undergone tremendous changes." Net friend "XDQ6566" said. "I remember last year when the Ningdu flood disaster together Secretary Wang thorough picture, moved all the people of Ningdu. Secretary Wang 100 praise, development and changes in Ningdu these years is not easy, the government should have the courage remediation work style of cadres zhuangshiduanwan, do not act, chinakayao, boast and flatter to resolutely eliminate." Netizen cloud light wind Qing said. "As the people of Ningdu, who also want to point a praise in the field Secretary Wang, Wang is good, Ningdu has such a secretary, will develop on the upgrade." Netizen passing dragonfly said.相关的主题文章: