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Jihai Sun: who are the same with China is not afraid of any Asian rival Sohu sports today in the latest issue of "I am" Uncle line, for the 12 round Chinese team 0-0 draw against Qatar, Jihai Sun said to Lippi, the team and the fans have injected a strong confidence, change for China football what time. This game can prove that the Chinese team is not the same as who, at the Asian level, the Chinese team is not afraid of any opponent. For the situation in the country failed to take advantage of Qatar, Jihai Sun also feel very sorry, bad luck, very sorry, only to get 1 points. But China does not have the same performance, a new atmosphere, has greatly changed the game compared to the previous 4 games, can be said that the hands such as tool. The whole team tactical guiding ideology, are fighting for the opponent to get 3 points. Unlike previous timidity, from only play 4, to play a technical and tactical level. I’m sure everyone will be sure of their performance." Jihai Sun believes that this game is a country should have the level of foot, 6 into the ball rate, the 3 door, almost rolling advantage. Once again proved to play a maximum of 40% of the ability and level. Confirmed Lippi said, China international who is not afraid of any opponent in the Asian level. Chinese team really not who are the same, we have the international competitiveness in Asia at this level. From timidity to go now "Lippi of the game tactics in the period of the main transfer Hengda game, Jihai Sun believes that Lippi is indeed to do the deployment," to let all the players in their own place to play their proper level. Some players for the first time, some players are re enabled. Lippi played a maximum international level should have ability and. We have the international play ball strength. Maybe not with everybody has this ability, if we encounter more powerful opponent, such tactics could be very difficult to implement it, but we in the face of many opponents and matches, we can have the ability to make this choice." China can make changes in the short term, Jihai Sun think this let everybody see hope, "I believe that Lippi’s policy is always consistent, this is for their own players on the certainty and confidence, otherwise it is a failure to start. The change may be a little late, but it may not be too late for Chinese football. Chinese football on the road. Lippi so firmly believe in himself and the players, I believe the same to the majority of fans into a strong confidence, so that all fans to see the hope of the country." This game let Lippi Zheng Zhi as a single defensive midfielder, attacking into recovery back three. Jihai Sun believes Zheng Zhiqi has played a central role, "Zheng Zhi is my Olympic teammate when, I know him very well and I always appreciate his playing style and personal ability. From professional football itself, there is no reason to put Zheng Zhi in the cold. I believe the 36 year old Zheng Zhi, with his audience and run the game, including a hit the post, so the play proved the meaning of his existence." In addition, Jiang Zhipeng"相关的主题文章: