Jinpeng 10.8 weeks on non-agricultural night silver was chilling of oil and natural gas into the sky roselip

Jinpeng: 10.8 weeks on non-agricultural night silver was "chilling" of oil and natural gas into the sky is too dazzling Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Summary of nonfarm week, subsequent market analysis and forecast (with the release, midline strategy) horse soft easy to stumble, greedy An Yiyi demoralization. If the market makes you angry, that you have not been able to win it, who does not meet their own property, who are satisfied with their own intelligence. This week the market review: this week the price of crude oil seven with positive charge, and temperature affect the production agreement more than OPEC, the size of the actual production situation may be less than the actual to support oil prices rise further, and it is so obvious trend, but there are still people who win the empty single, in this market, the flow is wise, but Jinpeng the teacher is expected next week that rising momentum may soon be stifled. Oil prices closed line with non-agricultural this, Dumbledore was non silver and gold, silver and gold rose instantly, while crude oil did not appear a few days ago and the trend of inflation has been curbed, yet not a short time, high volatility does not change the bull trend. Wait for the signal above $49 and below $51 Powei case conveniently. Silver since Monday stumble endlessly, silver prices charged Lianyin night to rise until the non-agricultural ending, yesterday has been dropping support before the non-agricultural value is 151 thousand, the market expected value of 175 thousand, the previous value and the expected gap is not too large, it is not appear in the published value probability between the two. After a sharp decline in sterling, two minutes plunged more than 10[%], the biggest intraday decline since the British off the European referendum, this also indicates that the gold and silver temporary reversal, don’t think with the non farm data can be hunters to suggest rather signal Jinpeng obviously re layout, do not covet a bet the data brought imagination in their outcome, is expected next week will break even Yin silver status, may up to stabilize the market continues to fall. Natural gas (colored) this week fluctuations, every evening at 2-3 am not a soaring trend, single, strictly with a good stop loss and profit, beware of natural gas prices plummeted, the current natural gas line can be seen as a bull trend, target 6000 mark, the daily view, high shock treatment. Natural gas data on Thursday, after a wave, a sudden rise back. The long and short sweep loss, do a single proposal next week strictly with a good stop loss and profit, Jinpeng is expected next week two days still in front of the callback to do more than focus the middle priced single specific cautious real-time analysis of suggestions and ideas can be added up Jinpeng WeChat jinpeng5181 consulting. Market analysis and forecast technology of 10.10 silver: the daily, at present in the vicinity of brin rail, Bollinger Bands opening. Early Friday Lianyin, ending with a small candle farm. The EMA is still a downward trend. MACD Sicha running down, the green column continued peatlands. The KDJ indicator has a sign of upward turning. Early Yindie, is expected to rebound Jinpeng repair technology in the next week, it is Friday I analysis to confirm the proposed operation on the low相关的主题文章: