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Joe Chen long mourning Qiao Renliang: love you by the bitter Joe Chen sun and Qiao Renliang photo of Joe Chen micro-blog Joe Chen mourning Qiao Renliang Zhao Liying long shots from the Shanghai mood to calm the Tencent entertainment news yesterday, Qiao Renliang memorial service will be held at the Shanghai funeral home in Longhua, Qiao Renliang’s friend Joe Chen, Zhao Liying, Li Yifeng, Jing Bairan, Fu Xinbo, Zhang Chao, Chen Zeyu, Joker such a low-key scene. The scene, Joe Chen wept tears. Today (September 23rd) morning, Joe Chen micro-blog published a lengthy tribute friend Qiao Renliang, following Joe Chen micro-blog full text: what is life? Life is not to know what to do. You never stopped in September 16, 2016 this day is your first friend, I know here we Freemasonry. You hurt me like a daughter so spoiled, you are younger than me, but always let me, you are a gentleman. You are always trying to surprise me, you are my Santa, my Kimi is Dingdang, you requested mr.. You walk so quiet, so lonely, so I was ignorant be taken by surprise is more remorse, I don’t know you sick so heavy I’m sorry I’m sorry I miss sorry I’m sorry I didn’t take care of your heart that you suffered could not bear you how are you how you may be! I don’t know what to do more is a pity that you leave this world a regret to regret my family and friends fans to send you, you will lie there like to sleep like I never thought that one day would send you away I never thought of farewell reunion was the impermanence of life you’re watching us. You are so naughty, will own farewell you see so many people who love you the last three bow, one last glance I whispered to you say bye bye bye Kimi thank you once to accompany the day, my dear friend thank you for your sincere friendship, I will hold you to it is a genius. Thank you for everyone to bring the warmth and light of a friend said to me, I love the people, will become stars guarding my I don’t know if you become a star? Maybe you have been transformed into any kind of material power we will have a different form of your life is to get lost, lost in the. Rest Kimi today small mom take you as early as I bought the next birthday gift to me personally. I want to cry, thank you Kimi often come back to see me because I will miss you相关的主题文章: