Joe Chen turned the game master double ponytail girl heart bursting with the entertainment Sohu-midd-885

Joe Chen turned the game master double ponytail girl heart foreworld bursting with Sohu Joe Chen entertainment "we have come to the" Joe Chen program to record the scene according to       according to Joe Chen show; Sohu entertainment news on Friday, "we have come to the" end "in Chengdu the land of abundance" travel. Chengdu Railway Station in the show, Joe Chen was wearing overalls, head double ponytail, fresh and bright, witty sense of behavior between youth, girls full force. In the West Village of Chengdu big show invited top fashion designer Guo Pei with costumes help, Joe Chen fear 20 cm "Hen Tiangao", the perfect completion of fashion show to create outstanding performance ratings. The current program national network ratings 1.71, the share of 5.25%, not only at the same time ranked first, but also last week continued to become the first Friday night all star channel ratings and the arrival rate of the first variety show. In the program, the version of "passerby" game burning brain line, "fruit laugh frequently, what is amazing. In the game, Joe Chen stood on the chair A fighting spirit soars aloft., excited, shouting "do not eat chili". The "open field" in the game, the game turned master, facing the other guests call answer fluently. In the face of all the guests named, Joe Chen calm wit, adopted piecemeal, let yourself successfully change danger into safety from punishment. While the game is more like A fighting spirit soars aloft. audience laugh. In order to collocation with oversized Tutu and towering hair, Joe Chen must pedal a pair of more than 20 cm high crystal "shoes" in the catwalk, the overall effect to perfect presentation of clothing. The T experience is not much, usually rarely try is not a small challenge super high heels Joe Chen. Because Joe Chen has a shooting task in the body, in the big show rehearsal admits that he was very afraid, but the show’s show guide, Zhang Liang pointed out that even a professional model is difficult to cope with more than 20 cm high heels. Joe Chen finally overcome the fear of heart, brave set foot on the stage to complete the interpretation of T, stunning audience.相关的主题文章: