Just tonight! The European Rosetta spacecraft will land on the comet’s twelve year mission nibbuns

Just tonight! The European Rosetta spacecraft will land the comet’s final twelve years of space mission Rosetta landing 67P comet animation simulation Rosetta landing 67P comet art renderings. Photograph: ESA space Tencent (Guilin) in less than a month found Philae lander missing location, the European Space Agency (ESA) belongs to the Rosetta spacecraft at Beijing time today at 4:50 in the morning began to decline the orbit height, landing comet 67P, is expected to reach the surface of the comet in the tonight Beijing time 18:40, ending 12 years of space mission, and Philae reunion. Why did Rosetta end the mission? Since last August, after flying over the perihelion, 67P comet is gradually away from the sun. 67P comet perihelion is 1.24 astronomical units, and aphelion reached 5.68 astronomical units, orbital period of 6.44 years. With more and more distant from the sun, Rosetta wings 14 meters long solar array power capacity is also significantly reduced, will not be able to continue to maintain the operation of scientific instruments and detectors, ESA decided to let the Rosetta comet landing 67P, the end of mission. Three dimensional image of the 67P comet based on the Rosetta photos. Second landing comet surface probe Rosetta will perform second times in the history of the comet lander mission of human space exploration, the first is the comet lander Philae lander, which in November 12, 2014 in the 67P of comet Ajoy Kia (Agilkia) landing area, but the landing gear failed to carry the spear to play a role in landing after Philae bounced flight of two hours, in the final 67P of comet Abi Dos (Abydos) area missing. Until June 2015 to July, the comet 67P near perihelion, Philae get enough power for a short time and short recovery in communication with Rosetta, but Rosetta had been unable to find the comet lander on 67P surface, until the beginning of September this year, the ground staff in view of a Rosetta shooting close-up images of the comet 67P, was found to have been missing for nearly two years Philae was stuck in a crack in the dark surface of the comet. The red dot at the red dot is the final landing site of the Rosetta tower on 67P. Source: ESA demo video shot at the red circle at the Rosetta 67P on the final landing site. It is worth noting that Rosetta together with the solar panel wingspan of nearly 30 meters. Source: ESA demo video screenshot Rosetta will be landing 67P comet? Due to the size of the comet 67P is only 4 km, the gravity is weak, Rosetta since 2014 arrived in the comet, has been in a way to follow the comet with the comet. Currently 67P comet 944 million km from the earth, from the sun, 835 million km. ESA will be in Beijing on September 30th at 19:20 PM or so, to confirm whether the successful landing rosetta. The following are some of the important nodes before landing: Beijing time at 4:50 on September 30th, Rosetta 67P distance from the surface of the comet about 19 km, began to move closer to the comet, Rosetta navigation camera.相关的主题文章: