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Ke Wenzhe’s 6 principal "to" Taipei is facing a crisis in Education – Beijing China Taiwan network August 29th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the "Taiwan world" magazine published on the 28 child 2016 Island County Education force survey, the most abundant resources in the city of Taipei lost the first throne, relegated to fourth; not only ranked third in the "government investment and leadership satisfaction" (with Kaohsiung tied for nineteen of respondents), primary and secondary school principals in nearly 60% "to" idea, Ke municipal education faces crisis. Taipei city government spokesman Lin Heming said that the city is rich in educational resources, relatively speaking, the higher the demand for education, the survey involves many aspects, will further understand as a reference. "Taiwan world" magazine from the parent every two years of local educational force survey since 2010, divided into "political input and leader satisfaction" and "reading" and "teaching" and "disadvantaged" for four, a total of 36 indicators. Taipei in the past 3 surveys are the champion, but this year in the city of 22 counties fell to one of the fourth, surprising. Paternity world pointed out that a careful analysis of the reasons for the decline in the ranking of Taipei, the government investment and leadership satisfaction scores fell significantly, the whole station down third. The president of the city fine indicators of education policy satisfaction, the lowest in Taiwan; application, or has applied for retirement in three years the ratio as high as 58%, "to" the atmosphere spread in North principal circle, teaching atmosphere. According to reports, the president of North City has begun to emerge in the wave of retirement, in 2016, there are 22 primary schools in Taipei retired principal, is the largest year since the implementation of the principal selection system. Not only the principal "Ke Zheng" satisfaction survey previous lowest satisfaction, parents and teachers to the municipal education policy also fell. "The best education in the county mayor elected county mayor", Taipei city is the first no Championship position on the station, Yilan county were killed. (Lu Jiajing)相关的主题文章: