Kim Gu has passed, silver ten the first week 10.10 crude oil, silver, natural gas market trends and

Kim Gu has passed, silver ten the first week? 10.10 crude oil, silver, natural gas market trends and strategies! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Time as fleeting, after Kim Gu had gone, the first week of October will give us visual impact and psychological, you are still watching, waiting for? Next week an important reminder: data next week will usher in the oil city of super week, OPEC and non OPEC producers is scheduled to be held on October 8-13 informal meetings to discuss the implementation of the agreement to cut output; in addition, IEA, EIA and OPEC will be released monthly. In addition, next Friday (October 14th) the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen will speak, the market is expected to continue to feed Yellen Tai Chi sing the same old song ". One is expected to provide more forward-looking guidance clear speech is not expected next week, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen, mostly to "Tai Chi", emphasizing the gradual increase. U.S. presidential election climax, the crude oil market, the nuclear bomb continues, the queen of the Federal Reserve Yellen on stage…… Global financial markets will continue to boom. One is willing to help you timely assistance in the market game, profitability, please inquire together. Analysis of U.S. crude oil market: after a week rose Friday, short internal savings, long profit taking, it will take a callback, there has been a wave of oil prices drop! This is why the evening in the market volatility wandering to notify customers when empty single entry in the vicinity of 50.40 line position, when everyone was scared silly not short bull trend, with a wave of short lead customers to earn profits! As for the latter trend first look at this wave of callback, and then identify the location of the support below the multi single approach. Look at the support next week under the 49.20 line position, with Wei heart 5277174 to remind you that we have to be cautious about the Bulls next week, don’t go more than a single point, to do, not to sound on the sidelines. One suggestion with a high short. The market is constantly changing, offer online guidance teachers add WeChat: qx1418 10.10- U.S. crude oil operation strategy: 1, the initial $50 empty single layout, stop 0.3 dollars, target of $49.2; 2, back near $49 Qingcang more, stop 48.7 dollars, target of $49.8; analysis of nonferrous metals: Gold and silver silver market suffered "Waterloo" has become the focus of financial markets this week, Tuesday gold to break the $1300 mark, caused the stop plate, this is an important reason why gold and silver fell Tuesday, which also confirmed on Monday pointed out that the Jinshan gold and silver once broken last week lows, gold and silver will continue to decline in the adjustment period. Although the United States on Friday September employment data upset, nonfarm payrolls and the unemployment rate are not expected, gold and silver once rebounded, but the hour average wages and average weekly hours increased, enough to prove that the job market remains strong, so as to support the fed in December is expected to raise interest rates, gold rally quickly faded on相关的主题文章: