Kindergarten fill stinky puddle was obstructed a company This is our land –

Kindergarten fill stinky puddle was obstructed a company: This is our new network – in – reporter Xu Yifan recently, Sanya City, Phoenix Road Huating days village supporting kindergarten responsible person Mr. Lee told reporters reflect, residential kindergarten is under construction, and the wall is a park outside the stinking puddles, to create a better the child’s learning environment, put the puddle filled, for planting some flowers and improve the surrounding environment. But the move was a company malicious obstruction, the other said that the land is owned by the company, does not allow mr.. Lee inquiry that the land belongs to the government reserve land. "A few years ago, the company built a two storey building in the distance, after being stopped, so far has been abandoned, which obviously illegally built." Mr. Li said. The kindergarten landfill stinky puddle was obstructed "this is the government, we just want to fill the stinking puddles, and flowers and improve the surrounding environment, but also accord with the" double ", but it was malicious obstruction." Mr. Li told reporters that he in Huating days to build a high-grade residential kindergarten, currently under renovation phase, progress more smoothly, there is a place in want of perfection stinky puddle area outside the wall, and then water whenever it rains, a lot of mosquitoes and rats, pungent odor, will cause a great impact on the learning environment of the child in the future. Mr. Li said, he informed, outside the walls of the residential land belongs to the government reserve land, has not yet developed, after which he would find workers spend nearly 100 thousand yuan will be the stinking puddles of landfill, and ready to plant some flowers to beautify the surrounding environment. "Seeing the puddle will be filled, a self proclaimed Beijing spring group staff came to a stop, and the workers are off, it is claimed that the company’s land, we cannot start this threat, because of this incident, both sides have repeatedly occurred dispute." Mr. Li said. Mr. Li told reporters, if it is the other side of the land here, he would have nothing to say, just as for the other to stinky puddle landfill. "We let them produce relevant proof, but refused to provide the other side, but verbally said the land is their." Someone’s company was built illegally built was stopped Lee said, in order to find out the truth, he understood the nature of various land. "Here was to build a commercial street project, but the developers have not yet obtained in the case of the relevant procedures, in a few years ago without the construction of tens of thousands of square meters of illegally built, then stopped by authorities, after the project has been no progress." Lee said that at present, the land has been planning a number of municipal roads. Mr. Li said, Sanya efforts to combat illegal construction is not decreased, but the illegal construction has been nobody. Reporters on the scene, near the river bank areca does have a two storey building, a building area of at least tens of thousands of square meters, construction steel exposed, has a layer of rust, piled up a lot of old building materials, the scene did not look, long abandoned. Bureau of land: the land has not yet sold Sanya land reserve center staff told reporters that due to planning adjustment, Mr Lee said the plots in recent years have been government purchasing and storage, by the state-owned land into commercial land. Three.相关的主题文章: