King of Asian solution 1 AC Milan mingmen! Single core engine variable dual heavy

King of Asian solution 1 AC Milan mingmen! Single core engine variable dual heavy weapon Bonaventura sina sports dispatch broke with Bonaventura’s goal, AC Milan 1-1 draw away to napoli. Although almost the audience by opponents, but only one chance to AC Milan will hold at the same time, this goal, Honda Keisuke will be credited for a few games he is on the offensive midfield contributed by Bo Nawen Ventura single core dual core upgrade. Milan opening soon in Naples was gradually suppressed, but there is still a threat back several times to ninth minutes, the left side of the penalty area facing the Bonaventura two players defend from the slot drill in the past, only then hit the door blocked by Albiol. Thirty-ninth minutes, Milan accident lost the ball game to cast a shadow, against the strong Naples, the first ball probably means to swallow the bitter fruit of failure, the first round of the 0-4 fiasco visible before the eyes. Bonaventura Ratu Bonaventura pass and action but soon someone stood out from Naples after scoring just 4 minutes, Honda on the right foot pass, Coulibaly headed the rescue mistakes, in the points after the ambush Bonaventura volley the ball saoru goal! Naples is also a Bonaventura love rival, this is his third time to break Naples’s goal, 4 ball after the game against Inter, but this is only the first half of Milan AC a shot is the goal. Honda recent round often on the right foot pass assists in the same can not fail to mention is Bonaventura biography of Honda Keisuke, he was on the right foot pass has become a routine attack in Milan, in the second half of the season in the effective. The second round of Milan Debbie he is in the same position in Milan to help the first record, the last round of the game on the right foot Honda also assists VacA break. Micheail was left out in the first half of the season, with the club bukekaijiao, king of Japan with action for self prove him worthy of Milan’s No. 10 jersey. At the end of the game, Honda even threatened the goal of Pepe Reina with a long shot. Milan scored only 2 goals, all of which were related to Honda. After the game, "the market" for the two hit 6.5 points, Honda commented: "the warrior made a great sacrifice, he is always a threat, but also a powerful long-range." While Bonaventura’s performance was praised as in the past, his lightning tie goal for Milan in the second half of the pressure to reduce the number of. Milan was the most talked about midfielder strength, Miha also struggling to find the most stable midfield combination. Montolivo and Coutts card status when good or bad, only to Bonaventura chops, he and Chewbacca combination of the first half of the season is the basis of progress in Milan. The second half of the season, but Honda Keisuke’s strong rise to the Milan midfielder from monocaryon to upgrade Bonaventura duo, two people can not only create opportunities for his teammates, but also their own goals. If Honda can become a stable point of attack, then by virtue of the midfield, the Serie A efficiency can get more chance to shoot the king, said, Milan’s goal will also be increased. (simple, shallow)

亚洲天王解AC米兰1命门!单核引擎变双核重兵器 博纳文图拉破门   新浪体育讯  凭借博纳文图拉的进球,AC米兰客场1-1逼平那不勒斯。尽管几乎全场受对手压制,但仅仅一次机会AC米兰就能把握住,同时这粒进球中,本田圭佑也要记上一功,连续几场比赛他都对进攻有所贡献,米兰的中场由博纳文图拉单核升级为双核。   开场不久米兰就被那不勒斯逐渐压制,但几次反击还是很有威胁,第9分钟博纳文图拉禁区左侧面对两名球员的防守从人缝中钻了过去,只是随后的打门被阿尔比奥尔挡出。第39分钟,米兰的意外丢球给比赛蒙上了阴影,客场挑战实力强大的那不勒斯,率先丢球很有可能意味着要吞下失败的苦果,第一回合0-4的惨败历历在目。 博纳文图拉热图 博纳文图拉传球及行动   但很快就有人站了出来,距那不勒斯进球后仅仅4分钟,本田右路左脚传中,库利巴利头球解围失误,在后点埋伏的博纳文图拉凌空将球扫入球门!那不勒斯也是博纳文图拉喜欢的对手,这是他第三次攻破那不勒斯的球门,仅次于对阵国米的4球,而这也是AC米兰上半场唯一一次射正目标。 本田近几轮经常在右路左脚传中助攻   同样不能不提的就是为博纳文图拉传中的本田圭佑,他在右路的左脚传中已经成为了米兰的一种攻击套路,在下半赛季的比赛中屡屡奏效。第二回合米兰德比就是他在相同位置的传中帮助米兰首开记录,上轮比赛本田同样在右路左脚助攻巴卡破门。在上半赛季遭到米哈冷落,还与俱乐部闹得不可开交后,日本天王用行动为自己证明他配得上米兰的10号球衣。在比赛的最后阶段本田甚至还用远射威胁了雷纳把守的球门,米兰全场仅有2次射门命中目标全与本田有关。   赛后,《全市场》为两人打出了6.5分,对本田评价道:“武士做出了重大牺牲,他总是那么有威胁,远射也颇具威力。”而博纳文图拉的表现则被一如既往地称赞,他的闪电扳平进球使得米兰下半场的压力减少了许多。   此前米兰最被人诟病的就是中场的实力,米哈也苦于寻找最稳定的中场组合。蒙托利沃和库茨卡的状态时好时坏,只有博纳文图拉能够挑起大梁,上半赛季他与巴卡的组合是米兰前进的基础。但是下半赛季本田圭佑的强势崛起让米兰中场由博纳文图拉的单核升级为了双核,两人不仅能为队友创造机会,还可以自己进球。如果本田能够成为一个稳定的攻击点,那么凭借中场的支持,意甲效率王巴卡能够得到更多射门机会的话,米兰的进球也会随之增多。   (简浅)相关的主题文章: