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Self-Improvement As most of you probably already know, being a Leader is a "must have" characteristic when it .es to internet marketing success. This is the first out of a series of articles I will be posting, teaching you what kind of personality traits you need to develop in order to be.e a leader! Get into the Leader Zone. First thing you need to realize is that the second you have decided to be.e a leader – you are. The moment you have decided to get into the Leader Zone is in fact the moment you became a leader. It might sound kind of silly at first, I mean, how do you be.e a leader haven’t yet learned what makes one. However, the shear fact that you have decided to leave the "average" zone and stepped into the "leader" zone is the first quality that defies you as one. There have been done over 3,300 studies on leadership character traits. 3,300 studies and the first quality is always the same – Vision. Leaders always have a vision. Leaders can see the future. Leaders have the long term perspective when they look at the situation at hand. Just to give you an example, think of Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Eben Pegan, Anik Singal, Mike Filsaime and numerous other successful internet marketing leaders, and one thing that is most .mon about them is that they always say that it is important to build a business, not a product. Whenever they talk about something they look at it from the long term perspective. Leaders always see the big picture. Leaders can actualy see into the Future. The second most .mon quality amongst the leaders is that leaders always visualize, idealize and imagine the future. Just for the fun of it, what you can do now is a little exercise. Let’s test your leader skills. Close your eyes and imagine that you have traveled forth in time. 5 Years have passed and an incredible thing happened – your whole life transformed. It’s perfect. Just the way you always wanted it to be. So, the question is – what would it look like? What would your life look like totally perfect 5 years from now? Every single area of your life has been transformed. Business, family, social, spiritual and mental areas of your life are now perfectly balanced. How does your perfect life look like to you? Make sure to write down the answer to that question so 5 years from now you can recap whether your dreams came true. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: