Lee Da Hae Se7en both sides admitted Dating Love Thailand exposure ca1810

Lee Da Hae SE7EN both admit Thailand dating shots Lee Da Hae SE7EN both sides acknowledged that love Sina entertainment news September 7th, Korean actor Lee Da Hae and singer SE7EN [micro-blog] spread love rumors, the two sides admit. SE7EN belongs to the public response to the love story said, two people in a difficult period to become the pillars of each other, has been dating for several months." Lee Da Hae’s club also responded that, as a friend of the same age two people naturally developed into a lover relationship, has been dating for 7 months." In addition, South Korean media also disclosed two people in Thailand, Bangkok dating photos. 7 on the morning of the media broke the news, originally is Se7en and a longtime friend of Lee Da Hae from a year ago to begin formal contacts, two people in the car. Elude observations at home, also often go to travel abroad, has been witnessed in the streets of foreign Internet users broke the news to Se7en and Lee Da Hae in the appointment. Se7en made his debut in 2003, South Korea was one of the most popular male singer, he joined the army in 2012, after retiring, mainly active in the musical stage in October this year, he will launch a new album in five years after the return to the music. Lee Da Hae debut in 2002, starred in the "My girl" and other works, in recent years, mainly in China performing arts activities. (commissioning editor: Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: