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Rural left-behind children investigation work to end data will be released – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on August 30th news recently (reporter Liu Le) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of education, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued in March, from when the end of the month to the end of July, to carry out a rural left-behind children thoroughly in the nationwide investigation work. Reporters learned from the relevant departments, the current investigation has ended, the data will be released in the near future. By the end of July 28th, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces or within the jurisdiction of the city has announced the results of the investigation thoroughly, at least 24 provinces introduced the left-behind children care for specific protection measures, some provinces clearly requires children under 16 years old shall not be alone. The object of this investigation is both parents, migrant workers, or one side of the other side of migrant workers have no ability to monitor, unable to live together with their parents, sixteen years of age, rural household registration minors. According to the requirements of the state, 16 years of age calculation deadline for July 31st this year. In August 23rd, Fujian and Jiangsu two provinces announced the results of the investigation, the province’s investigation of rural left behind children are 105176, Jiangsu investigation of the left behind children reached a total of 242 thousand people. This month announced the results of the investigation as well as Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Hubei, Qinghai and other provinces. In addition, some provinces have also announced the number of children left unattended in a completely unattended state. For example, Hubei province data show that the province’s existing rural left behind children are more than 73.9 people, of which no one has more than 1.1 people in custody; Fujian also has a state of unattended children in 811. In addition to the provincial data released by the general release of the summary, many provinces in the city announced the investigation data. Like some rural labor output Province, a city of rural children left behind there are over 100 thousand people. For example, Anhui, Anqing public data show that the city’s left behind a total of 104 thousand children, children left behind in Sichuan, more than 80 thousand people in the. The total number of left behind children in rural areas of Hunan, Loudi is about 45 thousand. In February 4th this year, the State Council issued the opinions on strengthening the care and protection of left behind children in rural areas. At present, there are at least 24 provinces in Tianjin, Chongqing, Heilongjiang and other specific measures to protect the left behind children. These provinces require the establishment of rural left behind children’s information base, one file, the implementation of dynamic management. Song Wenzhen, deputy director of the office of the State Council of women and children working committee, told reporters that caring for children left behind, not only to help in the material, but also to strengthen the psychological care. She said that minors should not be labeled, she said I do not agree to leave the children alone to build classes or the establishment of the so-called ‘left behind children’ family approach. To solve the problem of left-behind children has two major difficulties: one is to make the left-behind children with migrant parents to live work and learning; also can let the parents work outside the home or at least one of home and children living together to child care. These are just a way to solve the problem of left behind children. Create conditions to allow children to the city to study, life and create conditions to attract.相关的主题文章: