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Lei Jun by MIX through the high-end market? Perhaps we are wrong – Sohu science and technology Sohu Lv Linxuan yesterday’s technology circles belong millet. The netizen so the evaluation of millet millet conference: "on two Taiwan Futures: a Note7 and a SHARP crystal success from industrial design to other domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and even most of the international companies." Tony Leung, Phillips, a full screen, curved screen, full ceramic body, these key words linked to the core of the yesterday, the conference highlights. Millet has released a total of three new products, millet Note2, millet VR official version and the concept of millet phone MIX, which is also the most popular flagship product millet conference set. Millet Note2 in line with the current market acceptance is very high mobile phone design patterns, and millet MIX has subversive style design, while the two phones are equipped with the absolute top hardware configuration. Two mobile phone behind the show is the great ambition of millet, with these two phones, who can say that millet phone only cost-effective? Yes, millet phone has an absolute high-end models. The highest price, but it is still praised in fact, as the article said at the beginning of the article, the design of the two millet phone is not the industry’s first. How the hyperboloid screen like Samsung Note7, millet and MIX even pull to master Philip Stark design platform, but there are still early SHARP crystal shadow, but Note7 delisting for the millet great sprint opportunity, and did not lead to market volatility SHARP has become the millet "pioneer", as known by users SHARP said: "waste a selling point, millet is the preacher". The emergence of millet MIX, like the Samsung S6 curved screen version of the same year, became an epoch-making product. Because of the visual impact of the larger screen has a stronger, more complex application of new technology is the full sense of science and technology, the hardware configuration of the flagship station location, the mobile phone has become extremely serious homogenization of the mobile phone market is absolutely out of the ordinary choice. Even if the millet Note2 equipped with a curved surface of the screen is also quite rare, but it can only become a supporting role millet MIX. After the release of millet MIX online is a good, even with Rice noodles "tears" to describe, know someone even said: "to say millet MIX has turned out to feel, there’s a pool of stagnant water mobile phone ring, finally a breeze. And this kind of change, than the Samsung Note is the primary screen, and Note edge the first curved screen may be more meaning. " after the subversion about the process, given the price of millet have a look. Standard Edition 3499 and enjoy version of the price even lower than the price of the shock process is expected to bring 3999. But this price is far-reaching for millet, millet millet MIX really stand on the 3500 yuan stalls and even the impact of 4000 yuan file, because it still reflects the price ratio, this stall may stand more stable than ever. .相关的主题文章: