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Let India readers to see more of China’s high quality books – in October 13th, the Chinese book publishing house and the Chinese book of the theme of the new start of the book publishing project in India, the capital of New Delhi. The picture shows the readers of India in front of the booth read Xi Jinping talk about governance. Newspaper reporter Yuan Jirong photo in Chinese President Xi Jinping went to India to attend the eighth BRICs leaders meeting on the eve of October 13th, Chinese Book editorial department launching ceremony cum Chinese joint book publishing project theme Book launching ceremony held in India’s capital New Delhi. Chinese Chinese Publishing Book editorial department is "going out" important project, through the establishment and development of overseas market and editorial department, publishing agency to launch a region specific localization, issued China theme books, constructed in line with the characteristics of the international spread of mutual benefit and sustainable development of foreign cooperation in publishing mode. In India, the establishment of the Chinese Book editorial department, aims to strengthen the pragmatic cooperation between China and India in the field of publishing, editing and publishing more high-quality Chinese theme books, and further enhance the understanding and understanding of China from all walks of life in India. The new book shows the Chinese foreign language Bureau (China International Publishing Group) and India GBD book company co published the Chinese theme books. Help China books more plans to ground to India in batches of readers approached the podium booth placed on "Xi Jinping on governance" English version, India attracted many participants to read. At the launch ceremony, Chinese New World Press and India GBD book company not only launched a Hindi version of the "Oriental main battlefield", also brought "Keywords" and "green" China China "Lao Tzu" "the wisdom of life" "China female entrepreneurs" covering multiple categories of foreign language books. India publishing industry China published 50 kinds of various types of English and Hindi books also attended the exhibition. Subsequently, the two countries held a ceremony to celebrate the Chinese book publishing house and the signing ceremony of the new world publishing house and GBD book company. Chinese vice president of new world press Li Kaisheng told reporters that this cooperation with India GBD Book Company marks the new world press established in the first overseas Book editorial department, helps Chinese books more planning and promotion to the India reader ground into batches. India publisher Peter Scher told reporters that this is the first time to see so many books published in India China, his press also intends to strengthen cooperation with Chinese, let India readers see more excellent works China. India Asia news agency editor Hadefu agrees, he told reporters that the need to do so conducive to exchanges that India, India publisher Chinese so many books are rare, the recent upsurge of very fruitful exchanges. Pointing to the booth of Hindi version "Oriental main battlefield", India GBD publishing company CEO Kashall? Gaoyou said to the reporter, including the "main battlefield" Oriental New World Press, and GBD book company published 4 books in hindi. Gaoyou said, GBD book company was founded in 1933, but 1951)相关的主题文章: