LETV Le dual3 dual lens farewell to the black side real machine exposure-vy canis majoris

LETV Le Dual3 real machine exposure black side double lens farewell last week, LETV launched two new machines Pro3 and S3 LETV music in the United States, repeated exposure of "smiling face" the new machine didn’t appear. Now, we got the news, as this mysterious model named Le Dual3, a real machine photos have been freshly baked, Yan good value.                 le Dual3 has been depending on its type configuration and price are highly lethal, but ID frame design is controversial, let some users of the bright screen after the big black side up love. Now, according to the users drying out the spy photos, the Le Dual3 may solve this problem. We see that this music Dual3 with a matte black color, the front and back of a black screen, not only with melded and even lines are almost invisible.               le Dual3 additionally, Le Dual3 uses a post fingerprint identification scheme, the back of the "smiley face" is actually a dual camera, but the specific specifications are unknown to the  . It is said that the full personality of the new machine is expected to be released before the end of the year, are interested in this?相关的主题文章: