Li Bao forensic Qin Ming Jie Qiangjing Handbook of coke Junyan amazing hair-g227

Li Bao "forensic Qin Ming Jie Qiangjing" coke Junyan variety hair Handbook Intro: "forensic Qin Ming" was broadcast is like a raging fire, and motionless on the skin of human skin, and deep fried plot compared to the color of the number of the Li dabao. Getting things done and smart, likable character not hypocritical, a small head of hair with a round frame mirror, let a lot of fans sister couldn’t help shouting "lovely"! (source: PClady) Li Dabao see every day is also a lot of hair not only become "forensic Qin Ming" Li Dabao has recently been adorable earthshaking Li Dabao brush screen, Jiao Junyan plays not only acting online, a cute short hair as her name, and handsome features and amazing. The careless character she plays in the limelight was overshadowed the male, some people even joked that this drama should be named "forensic" Li Dabao! Short curly hair with short curly hair and tender girl just followed the Qin Ming Li Dabao work, do not entertain see. But she is still relying on her witty head, sensitive smell and not afraid of the spirit of the spirit of fatigue, the occupation of the majority of the country in the mountains of the forensic industry stand firm. Short hair can make a woman look smart, and small volume is slightly made up side hair are too rigid, highlights the delicate female side. Li Dabao Li Dabao and Jiao Junyan short hair style is also very close to Li Dabao’s men: a man with a strong, unique and considerate girl. Cute cute character exactly like crazy animal City, the rabbit police Judi, looks weak, but with a strong heart, sympathy for the weak. Perhaps it is for this reason that Li Dabao was slowly being criticized by the Qin Ming accepted. Jiao Junyan short curly hair how to do: short curly hair is actually a lot of girls heart is good, but also the hearts of thorns. Short hair while watching Mimi Da, can you just go to the salon to do second days, sleep has become a The Golden Lion. So the other fixed elastic products must ultimately, get up in the morning, on the other, the elastin in the palm of the hand rub uniform, with grasping the supporting mode applied to the hair, finally with hot wind blowing, my hair was casual, then the United States and the United States to tell someone you get up but the wash face go out no, people will find your care. All Back: handsome is a word "Lu Li", know the horse party all back is also a gray hair, Jiao Junyan in the "Li" in the land, know the horse all back hairstyle is full of flavor of iron T. In the play she played against full gas androgynous side, gray, make people remember that Jiao Junyan has the ability to grab the actor bowl "actress. Square gray bright hair color for her in this movie, do not lose to the skin white beauty Song Jia. Act decisively, all back is full of verve hair essence. "Forensic Qin Ming" poster in "forensic Qin Ming" poster, Jiao Junyan also played with all back and lives in a variety of styles, handsome photo, captured the hearts of fans. Because Jiao Junyan often put their "Yan" word signed like "cannon" word, so also harvest "gun brother" said. All?相关的主题文章: