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Li Rebecca: these products are not suitable for the explosion of "your Saturday who does not fit my explosion of skin care products" finally sorted out ~ after your submission, I found that skin care products really have a lot of things It differs from man to man., I feel very good, called the water of life, but it was a lot of people tucao. The skin is different, the feeling is likely to be contrary, some products like readers said the morning dew is mother to oily, dry skin is stepmother to. The so-called "a honey B of the arsenic". So, this collection is mainly to provide a reference to a variety of skin, so that we follow the trend to buy more understand the characteristics of the product. Their Tucao can not explain these explosive skin care products have a problem, a lot of skin care products is not bad, but not suitable for your skin. So I try to skin types, methods and problems are marked out for everyone to consider. Because the amount of contribution is too large, involving the product most, I mainly chose the "most popular" those products ~ statement: this solicitation on behalf of readers’ opinions, do not represent the views of Li rebecca. Take a look at it: snow muscle essence of snow is the collection of the popular players". The whitening function is known, or when the king s is strongly recommended. Many readers reflect the whitening effect is there, but after using skin allergy, skin irritation or acne, especially dry skin and sensitive skin must be used with caution. Overall, it is more suitable for the skin. (contributor pictures from reader echo) Lu Siqi: after washing the face after use, occasionally wet T, no obvious what feeling in Guangzhou by the time, just feel the taste of alcohol is really too strong, but in Beijing for two weeks beginning all skin tingling, dry, especially after washing the face it is burning pain, and weeding. Wang Xiaohu: I have heard that the snow can be whitening sperm, so that friends from Japan to help bring back a bottle of toner and lotion, I am sensitive to muscle, mixed skin. After a week, I found my face and neck a bit itchy, after a week of maintenance, the skin back to normal. Therefore, the sister of sensitive muscles, do not use snow sperm. Squirrel: Sekkisei is attaining a particularly obvious, in fact, I can not stand the mixed skin, dry skin, sister paper not to mention it, just like the spicy eyes. Guo Ying: Xue Jing Jing Dou pox! Skin is mixed oil. With a week to find long acne. Not sensitive skin, forehead, a lot of small acne. Later I knew it was because of the high alcohol content. Molly: I love long acne, oily skin, since that skin is not allergic to million years, white, pain under the ruthless hand to buy a whitening explosion Sekkisei cleansing milk, with snow with snow! Sure enough! Used to clean the snow will take a big red pox pox, oh! Deposited with the use of a face, so the face is allergic to allergy! Teddy: snow muscle essence! Run out not only did not turn white, but also allergies, dark skin, keep taking acne. I mixed partial dry. Oily skin bestie with good, but really is white. May be more suitable for skin. Albio health water相关的主题文章: