Liaocheng high price rises year after year son married parents work betrothal

Liaocheng high price rises year after year son married parents work "betrothal gifts -" marriage is a major event in life, should pay more attention to but not change the taste. (data sheet) of the married life in a big event, but in rural areas, to get at the wedding the bride price, many families have become the "sweet burden". The reporter learned that, in recent years Liaocheng cailiqian rise, a year, the highest reached more than 280 thousand, many families on the back of the heavy debt. The same is the "66 six thousand and six hundred sixty-six thousand" Dashun "thanks to my kids get married early, if it really can not afford to marry." Liaocheng Shenxian toward the town villagers Liu told reporters that her two sons have been married in 2011, 2012, the boss of the dowry money is eleven thousand, after more than a year, the second cailiqian rose to sixty-six thousand. The reporter learned that, in some rural areas of Liaocheng, cailiqian rise, variety. "Around 2009 bride price in 6600 yuan, commonly known as the 66 Dashun; 2011 rose to 11000 yuan or 17000 yuan, commonly known as the one in a million or seven; 2012, 2013, the dowry money has risen to sixty-six thousand, or 66 Dashun, but three years ago, 10 times……" Ms. Liu told reporters that since then, the dowry money rose higher and higher. "My neighbor’s daughter was married by the end of 2013, gave her a riot of colour a green, 150 thousand." At that time the village are very envy, is said to marry the girl to follow this standard, did not expect a year after the price has gone up. Now there is no saying what, in short is better, in addition to the dowry money, but also "move a real", namely house and car." Shenxian Zhang Zhai Zhen Hao gave reporters a bride account. Small meeting 17000 yuan, small to meet both men and women and parents consent, then sending the man to 110 thousand, meaning perfect in every respect. Then enter the meeting process, the man will give the woman to send 66000 yuan, in addition, will give the woman the laws "send Douer", there are Roasted Chicken tobacco sugar tea and other items, each Douer yuan in 500, the light value of tobacco and sugar tea also have nearly a million. When he got married, he would buy a new furniture feast, these have a total of three fifty thousand, down, do not spend about 200000 really not married daughter-in-law. Together with the house and car, think about terror." "The couple" to get engaged since the dowry money people of Liaocheng Xiao Xu and small high also encountered trouble. Xiao Xu and small plateau is free love, Xu home in Liaocheng City, Yanggu is a small high rural people, two people ready to get engaged, but the bride price money is out of the question. The original small Alex is only sixty-six thousand, small Gao insisted that 150 thousand, two young people caught in the middle of very difficult. "My husband’s parents have to work in Liaocheng, we bought a house in Liaocheng, then take this colorful gift money is difficult, but my parents said to marry the girl is a lifetime event, can not be looked down upon, now 150 thousand of the bride in the village is the least, in fact, is also good for her parents after all, these will give us the dowry money." Little high said.相关的主题文章: