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Liaoning people’s Congress exposing chaos: someone borrow behalf of hand in case – Sohu news with Liaoning province canvassing bribery case shady opened, many officials involved have been announced, Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress ecological chaos gradually revealed. A number of cases exposed, some business owners get deputies identity through canvassing bribery, with "judicial proposal" to intervene in handling cases, and the formation of National People’s Congress "mutual assistance" between the interests of the chain. Two cases in July 2011, 10 from Huludao Provincial People’s Congress, submitted a joint proposal to the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government office requirements, severely punished Fushun Tianqi Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Fushun Tianqi) chairman Li Yueying suspected of economic crimes. The proposal was immediately transferred to the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau, Fushun police investigation on Li Yueying. In December 27, 2011, transferred to the provincial people’s Congress once again received the Personnel Committee, the provincial government office of the provincial people’s Congress joint letter from the Public Security Bureau of Liaoning Province, reflecting the "Li Yueying Beck underworld violence crimes, economic crimes", and requests the remote handling. This joint letter, when he was deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress instructions, Liaoning provincial public security bureau Party attaches great importance to the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau set up a task force. In December 29, 2011, the Fushun Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee agreed to the Fushun police for the Municipal People’s Congress Li Yueying bail. After the membership of Huludao Provincial People’s Congress repeatedly raised objections, the Public Security Bureau of Liaoning Province in February 21, 2012 will be the case designated under the jurisdiction of the Benxi municipal public security bureau. After that, several Fushun Provincial People’s Congress, but also to the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress submitted a letter of recommendation, pointed out that Li Yueying case should be economic disputes, rather than criminal cases. After the transfer of the proposed letter to the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau has little effect. In March 9, 2015, Li Yueying was Benxi City Mingshan district court to the crime of fraudulent loans to non national staff of bribery and sentenced to 4 years. Li Yueying filed an appeal. July 26, 2015, Liaoning City Intermediate People’s Court of Benxi decided to suspend the trial. The reason is that Li Yueying suffering from serious illness, resulting in the case can not continue the trial. Li Yueying was a joint report by the Huludao Provincial People’s Congress 10, originated in a dispute. In January 19, 2007, Fushun Tianqi and Huludao City Rainbow Beijing Molybdenum Industry Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huludao Hong Beijing) signed an agreement to cooperate in the development, located in Fushun City, a real estate project. During subsequent cooperation, the two sides due to differences in property sales, financial expenses and other reasons, the escalation of the conflict. After that, Yang Qingming, chairman of Hong Kong, Huludao, began to report to the judiciary involved a number of issues, Li Yueying. After the report of Yang Qingming fruitless, Huludao membership of the 10 provincial people’s Congress letter appeared. Business information, Huludao, Hong Kong legal representative Yang Shicheng, aged 28, the eldest son of the Department of Huludao, the Municipal People’s Congress on behalf of the fifth. Yang Qingming is the twelve National People’s Congress of Liaoning province. Who reflect the 10 men from Huludao Provincial People’s Congress on behalf of Wang Yong about Li Yueying, Huludao Jiuzhou Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Huludao Jiuzhou company).相关的主题文章: