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Internet-Marketing How to Approach Using Linkedin If there is one piece of information that a person would be wise to keep in mind when promoting yourself and your business Linkedin it is this: Linkedin is a designed as a networking tool, NOT a marketing tool. Although, unlike social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook it is more acceptable to ask for business through Linkedin we must still approach customers with "kid gloves". "Would you ask someone to marry you on the first date?" The right way to market through Linkedin is to use "Relationship Marketing". Don’t rush in with a hard sell. This tactic is almost guaranteed to fail. Instead try to post interesting content. Not necessarily "sales copy" but interesting enough to make people want to click the link to your blog or website or Facebook Fan Page or Linkedin Profile. Offer free advice. Invite people to ask you questions for free on whichever subject you and your business have expertise on. For example Social Media Pow represent Automotive Sales Training Company. We have found that inviting Linkedin users to ask any questions they may have on our Linkedin ‘Group’ (more on these later) has helped us build valuable connections. We must behave within our social platforms as if we are at a Networking Party" Customer Engagement "How many messages would you leave on a company’s answer phone before you never called again?" "How long would you wait at a busy counter without being acknowledged before you walked away?" Its important to check Linkedin every day. You never know who has sent you a message, who has asked for advice or needs your service in some way. For example on of our colleagues in the market research industry missed out on a 17,000 piece of business because he didn’t check Linkedin for 10 days What business opportunities could present themselves if you spent just 20 minutes engaging and checking your messages each day? Content is King If we are to be successful in our relationship marketing on Linkedin the best strategy we can use is to provide people with good content and useful information. You are an expert in your field so showcase your expertise. Think about how you can help your potential customers and wanted connections. Think of 3 ways you can offer some good quality, interesting content to your Linkedin network and potential connections. ‘How to’ Guides?, Case Studies?, Product Reviews?, even free advice. About the Author: Mark Paddock is the Head Trainer and Social Media Consultant at an agency providing Social Media Marketing solutions and Social Media and Linkedin Training. teaches essential marketing and management techniques. Free sample video available. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Inter.-Marketing 相关的主题文章: