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Lippi exposure with the football association signed a 3 year contract Hengda will pay most of salary – Sohu sports at 17:46 yesterday, Chinese Football Association official website announcement, officially announced that Italy coach Marcello Lippi today? Chinese served as the national football team coach. Chinese Football Association will hold a press conference in Beijing on October 28th. It is reported that Lippi and China Football Association signed a nearly three year contract, Guangzhou Hengda bear at least during most of the Lippi team coach’s salary, Lippi’s coaching team will be coached Guangzhou Evergrande when cast. In November 15th, the Orangemen will be in Kunming plateau home court against Qatar team, this will be Lippi’s Chinese team after the battle. In view of the present situation China team in the twelve match, Lippi led the possibility of miracles is not too much. For Lippi, his biggest test was in the 2019 Asian Cup and the world cup in 2022. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Bin coach of Italy sports circle "grab the headlines" Italy coach yesterday became the sports circle "grab the headlines" players, former Guangzhou Evergrande coach Cannavaro led Tianjin to obtain the right to health in the league this season champion and successfully Chongchao success at the same time, in Guangzhou Whampoa  Avenue Hengda Center, Cannavaro’s mentor Lippi is making more news. China team again after a lapse of 15 years into the twelve World Cup finals, but in the twelve race start, China team than the 2 to 3 team lost to South Korea, more than 0 to 0 draw with Iran team to 0 than 1 lost to Syria team, more than 0 to 2 loss to the Uzbekistan team. Before the 4 round China team with 1 flat 3 negative 1 points than the Iran team at the top of the bottom panel, less than 9 points, the second team Uzbekistan team lost 8 points, 6 points less than third ranked South korea. The Chinese team wants the team to get off the line. In the Chinese team defeated the Tashkent coach after Gao Hongbo announced his resignation. Then China association started coach appointment procedures. Around the hot topic of the Chinese team coach appointment has been, and ultimately by the Guangzhou Hengda Lippi recommended. Prior to the Italy media has revealed that Lippi will go to Beijing via Hongkong to complete the contract, but the outside world did not think this Lippi China trip so directly, Chinese rushed to the Guangzhou Football Association also completed the signing. About 11 o’clock yesterday, accompanied by Lippi Hengda Group Vice President Liu Yongzhuo appeared in Guangzhou Whampoa  Avenue Hengda center, greeted the silver fox has China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua, Hengda boss Xu jiayin. The three parties in the center of the Hengda coach of the country on the issue of talks. After a brief meeting, Zhang Jian, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, signed a contract to coach the Chinese national team as the representative of the Chinese Football Association (CFA) and the Chinese Football Association (CFA). How much Lippi team coaching salary? Signed in China FA and coach Lippi before the contract, Guangzhou Hengda represented by Liu Yongzhuo and Lippi signed the termination of the contract, according to the official website of Guangzhou Hengda at 17:10 announcement revealed that the termination of the "Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club Taobao coach appointment is signed in August 3rd this year, with" the contents of the contract, Lippi began to teach in Guangzhou Hengda three years in December 2016. Outside the famous by wide.相关的主题文章: