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Liu Yifei Yang Yang for the first time | headlines to the top cover CP? Yang Yang Liu Yifei Yang Mi

| _ Sina entertainment _ (the WeChat public number Xingsu guest Shoot) new cover of Yang Yang Liu Yifei’s exposure to hot, two people high Yan value combination but also the strength of a face ah ~ ~ ~ before the activities according to is CP with Liu Yifei’s waist is really fine mess…… The two movie "III. ten peach" will be released next year, but early began to ring from the crew administrative micro-blog ~ powder can also be seen making various posters on the production of light with half a year, a year spent three years to polish the script, making a movie, hope to meet everyone’s expectations, compared to other crew. "Sansheng III" Reuters is really very little…… Yang Yang Liu Yifei is usually a variety of activities but forwarding number is really beautiful ah ~ still all two people are killed while Liu Yifei side Yan and Yang Yang are a type of Yan headstrong, but they are more beautiful face Yang Yang face profile different from Kaneshiro Takeshi’s eyebrows and big eyes, Yang Yang looks more refined, close look than far more beautiful ~ profile highlights the contours of the facial components rather than size, very suitable for Yang Yang the facial features are very nice but not small meat raised facial type the brow, sunken eye socket, high nose chin and seesaw…… Gentlemen if not to picky, that is Yang Yang’s forehead slightly a little after shrinking ~ so slightly a little Liu’s style is more suitable for his game costume styling is Rio good! Liu Yifei is also the industry side Yan kill with salt, looks handsome to hang, relatively flat socket ~ why single side Yan so beautiful? Mainly because of Liu Yifei’s nose high and small, and long eyelashes, the chin is slightly warped, so although the face side of light, but the stereo degree is good and Liu Yifei and Yang Yangchang have quite a couple but still feel good ~ although no Yang Yang so parafacialia killed but the overall feeling is enough OK stereo degree however, the white light eyebrows upstage ~ Yang Mi ~ she and Liu Yifei heat is very high, and took the same IP works, will often put together. Yang Mi and Liu Yifei say the difference is her advantages in Yang Mi’s eyes, deep eye socket, stereo degree is high, and at the same time, and God, these are difficult to coexist in a person’s advantage on Yang Mi Yang Mi embody this picture is Rio beautiful, you can see the forehead of Yang Mi Fuller, but also high nose But the disadvantage in the second half of the face, chin too forward too Alice, and people in the area more prominent, so the second half face is no half face smooth face see it a piece of general facial features more prominent advantages, more beautiful ~ on both sides of the hair can not let the forehead feel too wide in not a kind of style, Liu Yifei wins in Xian Qi, Yang Misheng in effect after the broadcast look glamorous ~ ~ you want to see? -over- more fun and stylish fashion information, please pay attention to the number of WeChat public star speed passenger Shoot~相关的主题文章: