Liuhe, Nanjing, a high school girls from the evening of the second floor of the four floor jump

Nanjing Liuhe high school girls night jumped from four for unknown reasons – Beijing China Jiangsu news network November 15th eight pm, Chengqiao Nanjing Liuhe District high school tragedy occurred, when a high school girl in the night, alone jumped from four, the school leaders and teachers in that situation the first time, dial 120, 110. Local 120 emergency personnel rushed to the campus, will fall on the ground floor of a girl on the ground to carry an ambulance, rushed to the Liuhe people’s hospital. At 12 in the evening, the girl was rescued and stopped breathing. Reporters rushed to the incident in the morning when the school, the local police station several police are investigating the scene. Liuhe District Education Bureau, responsible person of the school, Liuhe Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation personnel at the scene to understand the situation. A police told reporters at the scene, the school has to monitor the various floors, which provides a convenient way for the police to investigate the reasons for jumping girls. The police station Tian director told reporters that the falling student is a girl, the local day students. Last night they received the alarm, the police rushed to the scene the first time to understand the situation. Another way police rushed to the hospital, tracking treatment, as well as all the way to the police rushed to the girls home, visit. The police station Tian director said, the girls left a suicide note, but to disclose the contents of the note. Currently, police are investigating the incident evidence.相关的主题文章: