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Liuyang village villagers fund-raising 150 thousand yuan for 3 consecutive years for the old red envelopes to send original title: Liuyang village villagers fund-raising 150 thousand yuan for 3 consecutive years for the old red envelopes to send the event continues to have caring people spontaneous donations. Changsha evening news in the palm of Changsha October 9th news, "this festival is too busy, festive, and also received a red bag and gifts!" This afternoon, Liuyang City, Yongan Changsha Zhen Wan Li Wu Chang to father watching the show said cheerily. Today is the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar Festival, Wanli Wu Chang also held for three consecutive years, the filial piety festival. In Lu Tang Cun consists of 8 groups of villagers, the Wanli Wu Chang, you could not help but be praised as here 129 families of nearly 500 people living environment section: asphalt road to the door of every household, beautiful courtyard design, eyeful of fresh grass green bonuses…… The farmers live in a big house, clean and comfortable, beautiful out of their own small courtyard, and into the big garden park! The Wanli Wu Chang "Butterfly" began in October 2013. In the construction industry led by Zhong Tongming, Yu Chunlin, Yu Yong Jun, raised more than 300 yuan of this transformation. At the same time, Wanli Wu Chang also attach great importance to create neighborhood relations, cultural atmosphere. "This upgrading transformation, we are very eager to participate in support, especially a lot of elderly people have since issued money to contribute, let us very touched." Yu Yongjun said, in the bay inside the family, 60 years old were 98, of which 70 over the age of 41. In order to make the elderly into fashion, Juxian trentop wind "in 2014, they established a happy home Wanli Wu Chang filial respect foundation. Love for the elderly villagers Wu Chang a festive red envelopes. Are Changsha evening news reporter Yan Kaiyun photo according to the introduction, have invested at least 5000 yuan to fund every year as president in Yong Jun, Wu Chang now has been enthusiastic member 30 people, donated thousands, but also donated hundreds of donations, and umbrellas, scarves and other items, you can return home in your own way. "Up to today, three years in a row have been more than 150 thousand yuan." Yu Yongjun introduced that the money is used for the festival in the festival for the elderly to send red envelopes, gifts, two for the sick, the disaster of the elderly family to give assistance. In addition to the red envelopes, Wanli Wu Chang happy home red dance team and the people of the village, also choreographed more than 10 wonderful songs and dances for the old people to offer a special holiday. (Changsha evening news reporter Yan Kaiyun intern correspondent Yi Qian Huang Chang): [] the video shoot off Village private nursing homes 12 homeless shelter care for 23 years

浏阳一屋场村民筹款15万元 连续3年给老人派红包原标题:浏阳一屋场村民筹款15万元 连续3年给老人派红包活动现场不断有爱心人士自发捐款。长沙晚报掌上长沙10月9日讯 “这个重阳节过得热闹、喜庆,还领到了红包和礼品!”今天下午,长沙浏阳市永安镇湾里屋场的于爹边看节目边高兴地说。今天是农历九月初九重阳节,湾里屋场也连续三年举办了孝亲敬老节。走进位于芦塘村,由8个村民小组组成的湾里屋场,你不由得会为这里129户家庭近500人的居住环境击节赞叹:沥青路铺到每家每户门口,漂亮整洁的庭院设计,满眼清爽的花红草绿……农民住着舒适整洁的大房子,走出自家优美的小庭院,又进入屋场的大花园!湾里屋场的“蝶变”始于2013年10月。从事建筑业的钟统明、于春林、于拥军牵头,自筹资金300余万元对屋场进行改造。与此同时,湾里屋场还非常注重邻里关系、文化氛围的营造。“屋场提质改造时,大家都非常热心地参与支持,特别是不少老人家也自发出钱出力,让我们非常感动。”于拥军说,在湾里屋大家庭中,60岁以上的老人共有98名,其中70岁以上的有41名。为了让“敬老成时尚,举贤传德风”,他们在2014年筹划成立了湾里屋场幸福家园孝亲敬老基金会。爱心村民给屋场老人派发节日红包。均为长沙晚报记者 颜开云 摄据介绍,于拥军作为会长每年都至少投入5000元到基金中,现在屋场已有热心会员三十余人,有捐几千的,也有捐几百的,还有捐赠雨伞、围巾等物品的,大家用自己的方式力所能及地回报家乡父老。“到今天为止,连续三年筹款已超过15万元。”于拥军介绍,这些钱一是用于过年过节给老人发红包、礼品,二是给有病、有灾的老人家庭给予救助。除了发红包,湾里屋场幸福家园红衣舞队以及屋场的文艺达人们,还自编自演了10多个精彩歌舞节目,为老人们献上了一份特殊节日心意。(长沙晚报 记者 颜开云 实习生 黄畅 通讯员 易茜)视频推荐: 【拍客】村民办敬老院收留12名流浪汉照顾23年相关的主题文章: