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Logbar Voice Translator Datong language barrier for love travel friend, sometimes the language barrier has become the biggest obstacle to the journey, had to choose to travel with the group, but in the choice of travel route is completely lost autonomy. Recently, the Japanese company Logbar for tourists launched a speech translation artifact, can support three languages of English and Japanese translation, can not be fun free? It is understood that the device was named III, exterior and iPod somewhat similar, but this product is more compact, light. When using, the user just press and hold the button to speak, and then the device reads the translated statement, using the language barrier. The product also logged open CES conference, but unfortunately only has demo, so it is not clear what it is based on the work mechanism. But the official said, the product built speech translation engine, and pre loaded electronic dictionary, covering 50 thousand single checked and phrases, so in the use of the process does not require access to the network, greatly enhance the portability. But because the product has not officially listed for sale, some reports only this product function is limited to the exhibition, for the price of life, everything is unknown, but the official said it would continue to add new languages such as research and development, etc..

Logbar语音翻译器大同语言障碍   对于喜欢旅行的朋友而言,有时候语言的不通成了旅途最大的障碍,不得不选择跟团出行,但在出行路线的选择上则完全丧失了自主权。而近来日本公司Logbar则针对游客推出了一款语音翻译的神器,可支持中英日三种语言互译,是不是可以畅快的自由行了?   据了解,该设备被命名为iii,外型与iPod有几分相似,但这款产品更小巧、轻薄。使用时,用户仅需按住按钮讲话即可,然后该设备即读出翻译后的语句,使用上打通了语言障碍。   该产品还登录了开年的CES大会,但遗憾的是仅仅是已demo出现,所以还不清楚它是基于何种机制进行工作的。但其官方表示,该产品内置了语音翻译引擎,且预先加载了电子词典,覆盖查过了5万单次和短语,因此在使用过程中不需要接入网络,便携性大大提升。   但由于正式产品还没有上市售卖,仅此对于产品的功能也仅仅局限于展会上的一些报道,对于续航、售价等一切都是未知数,但其官方表示会继续研发,如添加新的语种等。相关的主题文章: