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Love blocked the killing of her family of 4 men fled after 22 years of trial – Sohu news according to Ji’nan City Intermediate People’s Court of public news, on the morning of 13, the court held a public hearing of the defendant Jia Anbao intentional homicide case. Prosecution allegations: the defendant Jia Anbao because the victim Song Mouhai (male, who died 44 years old) and Song Mouhua repeatedly blocked the love song of a sea woman, and so will the wounded and a grudge. May 5, 1994 at 1 pm, Jia Anbao carrying a knife into the wall in Licheng District of Ji’nan Guo Dian Zhen Tang Ye Village No. 33 Song Mouhai home, in Song Mouhai’s bedroom, with Song Mouhai, Zhao Mouzhen has worked toward the victim (female, who died 46 years old) of other parts of the head chopped knife, causing the death of two people. After entering a sea song the daughter of the victim Song Mouying (female, who died 17 years old), Song Moujun (female, who died 15 years old) in the bedroom, two people in other parts of the head chopped the number of knives caused two deaths. The forensic identification, a sea song suffered sharp cut neck external violence caused by brain injury and bleeding to death, Zhao Mouzhen, head injury; Song Mouying and Song Moujun were wearing the head suffered violent alien sharp slash death caused by brain injury. After the incident, the defendant Jia Anbao fled to Yichuan County, Henan Province in November 17, 2015, the public security departments on the spot in the investigation of suspicious population will control Jia Anbao, in November 22nd of the same year, the transfer of the Public Security Bureau of Ji’nan City Licheng branch. The prosecution that the defendant Jia Anbao intentional unlawful deprivation of life, causing four deaths, crime with particular cruelty, the circumstances are particularly bad, the consequences are especially serious, their behavior violated the 1979 "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 132nd regulation, criminal facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, should be intentional homicide criminally.相关的主题文章: