Low Carb Diets That Work- An Essential Key To Maintaining Your Goal Weight-ravbin

Weight-Loss It is challenging enough to find low carb diets that work, but the REAL challenge is maintaining your weight once it is lost. The phenomena of continually losing weight and gaining it back, is appropriately enough called the "yo-yo" syndrome. During my 20+ years as a personal trainer, I have discovered the crucial key to successful weight maintenance. 1) Gradually Increase Your Carbohydrate Imput Upon reaching their goal weight on low carb diets that work, many individuals make the mistake of eating large amounts of carbhydrates immediately. This carbhydrate "binge" causes many problems that could hamper a dieter’s ability to maintain their weight. First, carbohydrates act as a "dam" for body fluids. Consequently, large quantities of carbohydrate frequently cause an immediate increase in water weight. While water weight is not permanent, it still can cause an individual to be.e depressed and frustrated. Secondly, most overweight people have a chronic problem with low blood sugar. This occurs because their Pancreas over produces insulin, which causes their blood sugar to rapidly rise and fall. Taking in large amounts of carbohydrates, particularly after a diet, can cause a person to crave sugars. And, before they know it, the weight is .ing back! With many people, they simply can’t "handle" carbohydrates. Most low carb diets that work gradually bring carbohydrates back in to an individual’s system. The emphasis should be placed on consuming carbohydrates that are less likely to play "havoc" with blood sugar levels. These types of carbohydrates are referred to as ".plex" carbohydrates, because the process of breaking them down is more .plex. Potatoes, fruits,rice,& pasta, are good examples of .plex carbohydrates. After reaching their goal weight, dieters should definitely avoid "simple" sugars. Simple sugars are carbohydrates largely .posed of white sugar. Good examples are candy, cakes, pies, and ice cream. So, where can you find low carb diets that work? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: