Ma Ying-Jeou took a red bean cake on a special plane, because he loved to be stared at by his wife ( wetnwild

Ma Ying-Jeou take a plane to eat red bean cake was a favorite wife stare (Figure) Ma Ying-Jeou eat red bean cake was Mrs. stare (map) original title: Ma Ying-Jeou likes eating red bean cake was lady stared aboard a chartered plane also eat in new network on 20 February, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou to eat red bean cake out the name, even take the air force one, flight attendants will be close to help Ma Ying-Jeou prepared cake, even red bean soup. Ma Ying-Jeou in 2008 to attend the banquet, because forget to eat red bean cake, Mrs. Zhou Meiqing was stared at the photos, people talked about Ma Ying-Jeou; to eat red bean cake, even in the office at the end of last year to participate in the gala child clubs playing marbles, also ask gifts have red bean cake? Flight attendant Zheng Rongyan revealed that Ma Ying-Jeou eat sweets, especially red, aboard the plane, will help Ma Ying-Jeou prepare red bean cake, bean soup; for other meals, usually provided by the authorities, light taste, appetite decrease, chicken skin first. In the course of the voyage, Ma Ying-Jeou would read books, collect official documents, and discuss official business with the chief of staff. Besides, the empty attendants would give tea, fruit and hot milk. But the main principle was to avoid disturbing him. Aboard Air Force one machine will provide small snacks, mostly purchased, such as biscuit, chocolate bars, cookies, also provide products with air force and air force base Songshan emblem "nuts. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

马英九搭乘专机吃红豆饼 曾因爱吃被妻瞪(图) 马英九吃红豆饼曾被夫人瞪眼(资料图)   原标题:马英九爱吃红豆饼曾被夫人瞪眼 搭乘专机也吃   中新网2月20日电 据台湾“中央社”报道,台湾当局领导人马英九爱吃红豆饼出了名,连搭空军一号,空服人员都会贴心的帮马英九准备红豆饼,甚至是红豆汤。   马英九2008年参加宴会,因为忘情吃红豆饼,被夫人周美青瞪了一眼的照片,为人津津乐道;马英九爱吃红豆饼,连去年在办公地参加岁末联欢童乐会打弹珠时,还会问礼品有没有红豆饼?   空服人员郑绒晏透露,马英九爱吃甜食,尤其是红豆类,搭乘专机时,会特别帮马英九准备红豆饼、红豆汤;至于其他餐点,通常由当局部门提供,口味清淡,饭量减少,鸡肉会先去皮。   航程中,马英九除了休息,也会看书、批公文、和首长与幕僚讨论公事,空服人员会贴心送上茶、水果、热牛奶,不过,大原则是避免打扰他。   搭乘空军一号,机上会提供小点心,多半是外购,例如仙贝、巧克力棒、饼干,也有订制品是印有空军军徽与“空军松山基地”字样的坚果。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: