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Macao and the mainland to establish cooperation mechanism of fishing vessel inspection Beijing Xinhua Macao August 28 Xinhua (reporter Liu Chang) 28 reporters from the Macao maritime and water authority was informed that, in order to protect Macao from fishing boats sailing safety, the fishermen fishing vessel inspection service quality and convenient access, the fishing vessel inspection bureau and the Macao SAR Government maritime and the Water Authority signed a "cooperation agreement on inspection work from Macao to mobile fishing days before". According to the "cooperation agreement", Macao Province Mobile fishing by the local fishing vessel license state Fishing Vessel Inspection Bureau Inspection Agencies in the mainland, inspection for vessels construction, renovation or maintenance required by the inspection at the same time by the mainland and Macao and approval; fishery inspection agencies will take regulations, guidelines or standards of Macao the maritime and water authority fishing vessel inspection, fishing vessel inspection standards and the state Fishing Vessel Inspection Bureau as an inspection basis, if the parties have the same test standard is not the same, with high standard requirements shall prevail. Li Changjian, director of the State Bureau of Fisheries and marine inspection and the Secretary of the Macao maritime and water authority, recently signed the agreement in Zhuhai on. Li Changjian said that the mainland and Macao has long been active in many aspects of cooperation, has gradually established a mutually beneficial cooperation mechanism for fishing vessel inspection, hope that the future both sides to maintain communication and strengthen cooperation and seek common development of sustainable fisheries. Huang Suiwen thanked the National Fisheries Inspection Bureau and the fisheries sector has been the concern of Macao fishermen and strongly support the development of Fisheries in australia. She said, Macao built sea, fishing, fishing supplies, repair most of work in the mainland ports and sea areas under the jurisdiction of the signing of the agreement, cooperation can achieve complementary resources, share development opportunities, is the mainland and Macao in cooperation to maintain an important milepost fishermen and fishing offshore operation safety aspects.相关的主题文章: