Macao public mourning king died under guard Isaiah at noon in a minute of

Macao public mourning king died under guard Isaiah at noon in a minute of silence Macao open at half mast sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, yesterday came after Thailand’s King Bhumibhol Adu’s death, the Asian tour in addition to the first time in the Sina micro-blog issued for the king of Thailand to mourn the passing, the expression of the most deep condolences to the people of Thailand, the total prize money of $1 million 100 thousand today in Venice Macao Open golf tournament held in Macao — the golf club also flag salute, and at 12 noon in a minute of silence. For the Asian tour players who, especially from Thailand team players, but they feel sad today is the day. King Bhumibhol died in Thailand of noble character and high prestige – Adud yesterday, at the age of 88, the Thailand players and the Asian tour is a very sad day. After all, in the Asian tour schedule, one of which is held in Thailand is the king’s cup, this year’s tournament champion was taken away by the Chinese Taipei player Zhan Shichang. Data figure: the king of Thailand Bhumibhol today, the Asian tour also spontaneously carried out to the king of Thailand – Bhumibhol Adud tribute expression activities, including in the club’s banner flag, but also at 12 noon for a minute of silence mourning. At present, Macao open second round match in 2001, and the 2002 tournament champion Zhang Lianwei, season 2007 Asian tour bonus Wang Liang Wenchong, 19 year old teenager Dou Zecheng, 20 year old Chen Zihao, last week in Indonesia masters tied for seventeenth Liu Yanwei, Cao and amateur Liu Zehao will be in today the fierce confrontation to ensure the finals. (Luo Yi)    相关的主题文章: