Mainland China’s first bilingual juvenile justice protection website opened in Shanghai – China

China, the first bilingual juvenile judicial protection website in Beijing – Shanghai opened in Shanghai on 20 September, (Li Shuzhi lofty) Supreme People’s Court of Shanghai juvenile judicial protection website (hereinafter referred to as the juvenile judicial protection network) officially opened on the 20. According to the Shanghai Municipal Higher People’s court, the establishment of a special juvenile justice protection network, the first in the Chinese mainland courts, judicial system. The website builds a new bridge between the court and minors and their parents and the whole society to strengthen communication, is a new initiative to further strengthen the judicial protection of minors in Shanghai court. Official data show that the Shanghai juvenile trial began in 1984, Shanghai City People’s court in mainland China, the first juvenile court, opened the first juvenile justice. 32 years, Shanghai court juvenile trial achieved good results. According to the court, the site to minors main view object, at the same time for teenagers and their parents, to Shanghai court juvenile cases as the main resources, suitable for young people to novelty and lively style to tell the story of the law; in order to improve their legal literacy and self-protection ability, improve the ability of communication between parents and children well, the protection and crime prevention and control from the source. At the same time, the website also provides legal services to minors and their guardians to help them use legal weapons to safeguard their rights and interests. For minors, the site is to learn legal knowledge, enhance awareness of the rule of law, to promote the healthy growth of an important platform. To constantly expand the site audience and social influence, the Shanghai High Court also simultaneously launched the website English version, currently set up a "special protection" "classic case" and "the court judge" three columns, to tell the world the story of the judicial protection of minors China. Shanghai Higher People’s court president Cui Yadong said at the opening ceremony, the Shanghai court to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, deepening the reform of the judicial system of minors, minors to improve the judicial protection mechanism, fair and efficient handling of cases involving minors, prevention of juvenile delinquency. (end)相关的主题文章: