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Man driving unlicensed motor running overhead has been hit by police control – Sohu news law enforcement police injured Mao Weimin in the hospital for treatment. The police for map at 17:43 yesterday morning news reporter Wu Linhua Xu, a motorcycle without a license in violation of the ban on signs into the North South elevated, on duty at the scene of the 52 traffic police detachment police Mao Weimin stepped forward to intercept enforcement overhead when the motorcycle fell to the ground was hit. Morning news reporter last night from the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that the incident caused by police Mao Weimin legs comminuted fractures, multiple abrasions, is currently being treated in hospital, no life-threatening. After investigation, the motorcycle Wupaiwuzheng, driver Cheng, male, 19 years old this year, Shanghai Baoshan District people, has been controlled by the police. The situation is under further investigation. It is worth mentioning that, after the accident, a taxi in the public acts of xiazadao jinjitingjudai, brother to get off about the injured police injury, protect the scene, to avoid the cause two damage, and immediately dialed 120 and 110 calls, waiting for the police and medical personnel rushed to support. Seeing the rear of the vehicle have also slowed down more than the driver parked the car in the emergency parking area, take the initiative to help maintain traffic order. Police indicate parking, completely ignoring the motorcycle yesterday afternoon at 5:43 PM, on the west side of the North South elevated Wenshui Road near the ramp, a young man driving a motorcycle without a license into illegal overhead, and law enforcement police Mao Weimin knocked to the ground. Witnessed friends told reporters that the incident occurred, the motorcycle speed is very fast, the police knocked down after the motorcycle overturned on the ground. The police found a man driving a motorcycle into the overhead, indicate each stop, but I do not know what causes the motorcycle driver hit into the direction of traffic police, finally hit down the fences, the police also knocked to the ground. The motorcycle fell to the ground and the rider was not hurt." The netizen said, the injured police face is blood, lying on the ground, his body abrasions, the left leg is valgus. Jinjiang rental company six branch of a team of master Wen also witnessed the event. I was just on the North South elevated road on the ramp, from north to south towards the direction of the city. Suddenly, behind the jump out of a car for two wheel scooter." The master memory, their speed of about 50 yards, and this one is from their own body by motorized pedal overshot, speed pretty fast, "has not recovered, has jumped into the front of my car." Master Wen told reporters that the incident occurred when the police used a baton to indicate the motorcycle stopped, but the driver did not stop the motorcycle. Traffic police ran to the car where the lane, the driver may want to escape as soon as possible, suddenly changed the road, then knocked down the traffic police." After the accident, the master immediately came to see that parking, traffic police knocked a mouthful of blood. Just when the car passengers want to move the traffic police, the master immediately discouraged the passengers, said two times to prevent injury, and immediately call the police 110. At this time, many enthusiastic people passing by seeing all parking, some maintain order, so as not to cause two damage to the wounded, several private car owners are dialed 120. In fact, it is true"相关的主题文章: