Man suspected drowning drowning 2 hours he was sleeping in the woods outside the 5

The missing man suspected of drowning salvage 2 hours he woods within 5 kilometers of sleep at 10 pm on October 23rd, Ningbo five township police station received a man police said, someone fell into the pond river sand weir village! Suspected drowning salvage 2 hours to no avail after the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, a red cross electric bicycle card in the fish pond, head cocked, car keys, the lights are lit, after the tire has not in the water. The report is the pond contracting boss, he said that night on the way home, saw a light pond, thought someone stole the fish, a closer look found is the electric bicycle, the big night car in the pond, people can not see, will not be out of the water, the before the police. Police mobilized more than 20 people to organize rescue, part of the personnel under the fish pond to find, some of the staff to find nearby. An hour passed and two hours passed…… On the banks of the people anxiously flashlight, rescue personnel under the river round and round, in the cold water in the hands and feet are swollen, but they still insist, a second time in the past, people have not found. Small fish pond water level is not very deep, stand up is most personal deep, if it fell into the river, 2 hours should be able to have a situation, why always can not find the owner, which makes the scene rescue workers feel very strange. 5 kilometers to find the missing man at this time, the police think 20 minutes before the incident, a woman police said, her relatives drunk her things smashed open the electric bicycle to go. The police have an idea in mind, will not be the same person. Police immediately contact the police command center received a report that women, after verification, the woman said the relatives to open is a red electric bike, to understand the situation, Zhang man came to the incident, see the electric bicycle, he told the police that he is the owner’s brother-in-law, owner surnamed Chen, 31 years old this year, the people of Guizhou, temporary residence in the Jade Village Wuxiang four Han Zhuang, that night, Chen to his home, three drinks wine will be launched after the crazy, something he’s smashed, then drove the electric bicycle to leave in a hurry…… Thus, the police drove to Han Yu village. About one o’clock, when the police after Soochow ginger village, the sharp eyed police see the trees on the edge of a shadow, a closer look, is a man lying on the ground to sleep, the police immediately stepped forward to talk, but the man drunk hazy impossible to say, from the man in the mouth breath smell bursts of police the alcohol, after verification, the drunken sleeping man is riding the missing chen. According to his own story, then do not know why throw the battery car, he was walking 5 kilometers to the grove, after the matter did not impress. Then the police will be carried on the police car Chen sent him home.相关的主题文章: