Many analysts believe that the government will not be shot through the property market bubble-bleep

Many analysts believe that the government will not be shot through the property market bubble Wen Chen Jue recently more than a second tier city appeared a new round of housing prices rose sharply. In response to this situation, the government in the end should not sell? If you want to do? In 24, by the Ningbo Municipal People’s government and the Chinese and globalization think-tank (CCG) Chinese globalization enterprise development forum, many scholars think that the government not yet, this round of the rapid rise in prices of strong pressure. Huo Jianguo, former president of the Ministry of Commerce believes that governance should be based on the degree of development of the economy to decide whether to sell. "From the current situation, or to put it, first to ensure the realization of economic indicators is more important. August economic indicators mainly rely on real estate investment grew by about 20% to support, if this time to hit it down, then the Chinese economy will start to go downhill." JP Morgan Greater China chief economist Zhu Haibin suggested that China’s real estate is best to go with inflation. "The current logic is basically not central under the cruel hand. The local governments formulate corresponding strategies according to the development of their respective cities." Zhu Haibin believes that the local government is difficult to resolve the housing market: you have to say that there is no way to fight it down, there must be, but the government is not willing to do so. Stop the land auction, this is from the economic point of view is completely different, how do you want to take control of the supply of land prices may control measures?" Orient Securities Limited by Share Ltd chief economist Shao Yu is recommended to increase the proportion of down payment. The central government will certainly not shot, from the economic data for the past two years, the economy is still maintaining the temperature of infrastructure, real estate, cars." For the possibility of a recent property tax levy, Huo Jianguo believes that it is unlikely. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: