Many artists are not lack of technology but experience

Many artists are not the lack of technology but the experience of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications professor Yang Dawei can think so, the original power is the inherent character of artistic creation, is real, simple and powerful. See these years domestic status of art, it is difficult to enumerate a few original sound artist. Most of the works of art from form to content is weak, the relative desertification, caused by excessive symbols, and thus lead to the identification and recognition of the public is increasingly reduced, copy the deformity. And these imply the soft self sealing. Now, all goods, things, actions, events, not because there is no quality does not seem precious, but because of the serious excess and depreciation. Once the publication prosperity, current views from the media, unlimited communication symbol makes everything into the era of big data speed, constantly substitution, innovation and beyond, so that all the past mortal. As far as the production and dissemination of art are concerned, over production has led to overproduction and excessive consumption. Surplus also means repeated production, repeated communication, with the original works will gradually decline. Similarly, due to the serious excess of people’s imagination, resulting in the devaluation of imagination. For the creator, the spirit of the original should have a more important significance. Because the spirit of the original can retain its height. Furthermore, the creators of the "stock" lack of originality is also missing, the value of art as the art market fluctuation causes overproduction, contrary to the law of creative excellence, leading to a lack of awareness of the existence of the spirit of transcendence, the lack of overall perception of time, should also be attributed to the original force due to the lack of. The so-called artistic originality lack actually refers not to the works of art production capacity, but the loss of art face the life world of the original unsettled vitality, and innovation ability and the ability to regenerate missing. Behind the artistic originality is fatigue, contains a fact that already long-standing art concept and the institutionalization of the mode of production from hitherto unknown impact, market economy and new media continue to squeeze the living space of art, art development for real life should have a sharp and vivid induction, and the in a more creative way to deliberately self internalization to hold a certain antagonism and alienation of attitude. This relentless reality also highlights the creation and theory of disconnection and differentiation. On the one hand, in the process of transformation in today’s society market system, the concept of radical past into today’s normal daily life, dominating the artistic imagination, new popular culture through the elitist discourse of roaring, alternative to become the main frame shaped like social culture, self locking, losing the vitality of art to the reality path is narrow, but only to construct personalized unrestrained production sites. On the other hand, when individual discourse art become a kind of marginalized, may then the loss of real history and overall grasp of showing force, blocking the possibility and validity of criticism. The similarities and duplication of experience, coupled with the rough language, the concept of the hole, so that the face of the works of art can not make a person’s visual spiritual needs相关的主题文章: