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Market investment and investment funds to raise funds to expand the level of exposure of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! With the market deserted, the risk of grading fund has increased trend. September 27th, Shen Ling letter fund company issued on its Shenzhen stock index classification of securities investment funds Shanghai million revenue share (hereinafter referred to as the "Shenzhen A"), "all enterprising share (hereinafter referred to as" Shenzhen B ") risk extreme tips announcement, this is the eighty-second time this year the company that the classification of the fund’s market risk. Third party research platform in recorded statistics show that as of September 28th, 141 grade B share fund average discount rate of 4.87%, in addition to the 12 grade B premium slightly more than 100 products, the rest are in the "sale", and the discount rate since July of this year showed a tendency to expand. This shows that, in addition to the reasons for the high level of grading A share pricing, the current level of market trading is relatively deserted. Shanghai securities fund evaluation center data further evidence of the level of market transactions. The latest data show that the classification of B in September 18th to 23 days the market average daily trading volume is only 3 billion 260 million, compared with last week, trading volume fell 38.68%, representing a decrease of 38.76%, the overall contraction of liquidity in the market worried about. Specific products, Oriental wealth statistics show that as of September 28th this year, CNOOC in high iron industry index B trading floor price is down 61.98%, while ranking 262 in the same grade products. The performance of the net by the high of 1.193 yuan in April this year at the beginning of the road fell to 0.942 yuan in September 28th. The sea permits high iron industry index (A, B share and net assets) decreased from 351 million yuan at the end of last July when it was established to 9 million yuan. In terms of transaction concentration, the market activity ranking of the top 25% accounted for the proportion of the proportion of the total turnover of the class B B total volume is increasing. Eleven weeks before the end of the week, the data were 94.78%, 95.5% and 95.94%, while in the middle of the year in, the number of more than 90% in the following. Shanghai Securities Fund Evaluation Research Center analyst Li Ying said that investors should increase the focus on the liquidity risk of the micro classification fund, the purchase of graded B should focus on the scale of change. Although the transaction is not active, but there is no shortage of structured products in the short term structural investment opportunities. In the classification of B, benefiting from some of the better performance of the plate, the stock price of the venue in the recent rally B B rally trend, which is the real estate department with a high level of leverage rose. But judging from the overall price level, grading B average discount of nearly 5%, the trend of discount rate has not been eased, showing a significant market risk aversion. From another point of view, the lever of the share of the rising level of discount may accumulate potential value for the future, that is, the return of the value of the price of some of the proceeds. Li Ying believes that once the trend opportunities, is bound to increase相关的主题文章: