Mars is an ancient lake life time or billion years (video)

Mars is an ancient lake there is life time or picture shows for years billion on Mars "heart lake and its surrounding lake system. Source: NASA, September 20, according to foreign media reports, the study found that dry and barren Mars was once covered in the vast ocean. So when did the oceans disappear, and when did Mars become a dry red planet? A NASA study may help answer the question. According to reports, scientists used to think that the red planet of Mars, the "wet age" occurred about 4 billion years ago. At the same time, single celled life began to appear on the earth. Today, the latest evidence shows that after 1 billion years, the spread of lakes and streams on mars. That means there are signs of life on Mars 1 billion years earlier than we thought. Researchers at NASA (NASA) have discovered the discovery of the crater after the 22 impact craters. Washington Smith (Smithsonian Institution) of the Smithsonian Museum of Wilson (Sharon Wilson) said: "we found a valley, valley stream flow, Lake basin." Wilson and his colleagues studied images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) and found evidence of these features in the northern Arabia Terra region of mars. They also use the measurement of NASA, Mars (Mars Global Surveyor) and the Mars Express spacecraft ESA’s (Mars Express) data. Wilson said: "one of the lakes in the region to accommodate the amount of water can be compared to the Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe)." Lake Tahoe is located on the border between California and Nevada. The lake is about 188 cubic kilometers. "This particular Mars lake, South Bay water injected by the valley, and along the north side of water spilled into the water, to a fairly large water filled basin, we nicknamed" heart lake "." This is located in the heart of the lake valley system of Valley lakes, stretching about 150 km. The boiling point of water at the earth’s sea level is 100 degrees Celsius on the Martian horizon?相关的主题文章: