Maruti Suzuki A- Star- An Amazing Experience Of Safety

Automobiles For an amazing and exciting riding experience, Maruti Suzuki India Limited presents its latest version Maruti Suzuki A-Star with Penta-drive technology and next-generation K-series petrol engine. It is luxurious and stylish due to its premium hatchback along with the aerodynamic design. The excellent features of A-Star endow all occupants with extreme protection and comfort. It contains dual airbags to minimize the risk of any type of collision for the driver and passenger in the front seat. It would allow you to have a risk free far-fetched journey. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) highly prevents skidding when the car is driven on slippery roads and wet surfaces and it locks its wheels. Further, it keeps the car on the track when the brakes are applied in emergencies. The Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) of Maruti A-Star reflects the advanced technology, which has been applied to the safety features of the car, by keeping in mind every type of safety requirements. Besides, A-Star has a wide capacity for impact absorbance with its rigid body structure. Crimson-illuminated instrument panel and the sporty pop-up tachometer are the unique interior features of Suzuki A-Star and the audio system with supreme quality gives tremendous and incredible entertainment while driving. Five people can be seated comfortably, as the car contains adequate head and leg room for all. Odometer, digital trip meter, clock and fuel gauge in the cabin ensure the efficiency while driving. The low center of gravity and a wide track width of A-Star ensures stability of the car while speed driving. Further, the speed sensitive power steering enables perfect navigation while driving slowly. The elegant design of head lamps and modish taillights cluster reflects the unique style in Suzuki A-Star. Vibrant body colors, including silky silver, bright red, healing green, desert brown, paradise blue, midnight black, azure grey, sunlight copper, and arctic white give it a marvelous outlook with timeless value. The high quality of both exterior and interior features of the A-Star would endow you with a wonderful experience of driving along with the cushion of safety. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: