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"The mechanic" Jason Statham 2 red crown to kill Confidante Sina entertainment news by Denis Gansel directed, Jason Stenson, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh starred in the criminal action blockbuster mechanic 2: "Resurrection" has been scheduled for October 21st release in the country. The day before the party released a set of "love for war" emotional map, the life of Stenson and Alba as the line the tragic sense of life and death in a couple of pumianerlai. In the film, played by Stenson, actor Arthur bishop and played by actress Alba Gina to fall in love at first sight. However, the villain in order to control the bishop, kidnapped Gina. This time, Jason Statham’s fury for Confidante, once again go into battle to return to the field, to let the enemy ashes to ashes. Professional killer Alba Stenson became love go through fire and water after a lapse of five years, Jason Stenson once again return to "the mechanic" series, originally decided to retire and return to him, why the old killer? The answer is "because of love"! When the cold Stenson met the charming Alba, killer deep in your heart love is light, but also the villain of the conspiracy to succeed, Stenson had to fight for love. Four emotional figure released the film side, the progressive emotional straightforward place out of two people have love, also presents the film rich details for the audience. "For you, I see the figure of Alba, tears in his eyes, Stenson frowned, could not help but make people guess whether what happened heartbreaking accident. But for you, I go through fire and water figure, holding a gun ready to play a game of Stenson and his firm Alba collocation are together, the full sense of the play. The seaside sunset, Stenson is wearing Alba a watch, two people face were covered with a layer of warm light, "for you, my whole life" as a pledge of love. The last one is a faint but a bad feeling, Stenson face heavy arms remain unconscious Alba, is behind the war, with the text is the tone, became "for me, you live". After all, as a killer, the danger will come at all times, even lovers are likely to be hurt. Two people go from here, can not help worrying. Tenderness is like tough change Statham chivalry Hollywood includes all sorts of heroes, especially the role of agents, equal to anything. But inject new blood to Jason Statham’s personal style for Arthur bishop, let the good counsel mechanic killer brought out a different personality charm. Mechanic: 2 "Resurrection", the writer Shelby in the interview had explained the role of Arthur Bishop: "special bishop is in a violent drama scene, remains a man of honor. This is a kind of knight spirit, he will become the most powerful man, justice can be done." And the appearance of Jason, let Shelby see the knight spirit. The actress Jessica, played by Gina, is not a simple vase role, but also the role of the. Jason Statham interpretation of Arthur Bishop’s killer, the need for a more powerful female)相关的主题文章: