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Media: tax reform to allow workers to run faster – the key to the reform of the tax reform program Sohu news is to make people feel fair and just. Refinement of the reform program, need to listen to the voice of the people. The realization of "a system designed to the rich", so that the worker’s income runs faster. It is reported that the parties concerned about the tax reform program, is stepping up speed, is expected to be introduced in the first half of next year. In the direction of system integration and classification ", the reform of one of the most attention is the core content of the" special deduction ", has asymptotic essay, education spending or become deductible choice, while the first suite loan interest rates are expected to be included options. In this regard, a lot of users said that the tax deductible under high prices is necessary, called a warm heart". From the point of view, the key to the tax reform program is to make people feel fair and just. First mortgage interest rate deduction. First, the second tier cities prices rose sharply, the majority of home loans accounted for about half of disposable income, including interest payments in about four or five into the next. This is not a small expenditure, if it has been calculated as the base of the tax, then too much pressure on the working class. The emphasis on "first", is worried about the drilling preferential policy loopholes, under the name of the suite to play tricks, disguised deduction. In addition, the deductible also includes re education expenses, etc., are to maximize the protection of the interests of low-income groups. So detailed and comprehensive design of the system, the purpose is to increase the workers’ legitimate income tax reform, avoid injure just be". In contrast, the higher income tax threshold is lower, the property income tax is also more stringent, deductible payments are also less. For example, many of the pilot property tax, after deducting a certain area of a strict collection, it reflects the tax are rich and poor social adjustment function. The poor pay less, more rich bear, this is the most basic value orientation of the tax reform in any country under the rule of law. Today we put more emphasis on the reform of tax transfer payments, "peak", partly because the really big gap between the rich and the poor, the Gini coefficient although several fluctuations, currently at the international forefront; on the other hand, from the perspective of expanding consumption capacity. Theory and practice show that the purchasing power of low-income income is more sensitive, especially earners save money blocks of mortgage interest, will be used to improve the basic living conditions. This is for the well-being of people’s livelihood and stimulating domestic demand, will play a very significant role in structural adjustment. So, in the common prosperity of the perspective of tax reform, its significance is not limited to direct "the poor, the rich pay less pay", but also to create basic conditions for the smooth operation of the economy, the upgrading of the structure. After all, the sustained and healthy development of the national economy, the most profound strength, still hidden in the low-income groups. Regardless of poverty, or the minimum wage, and further tax shelter, power is concentrated in the expansion of their interests, the realization of "a system designed to the rich", the fairness and efficiency of the market economy to unify, make laborer income runs more quickly. The problem is still, all over the country, industry相关的主题文章: