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Men spend money to buy the roadside aphrodisiac found cheated Zhou master is a "old Yangzhou", nothing else, love the ride. A few days ago, when Mr. Zhou went to farms to buy food, to see a lot of people around in the roadside, it is curious to see the results gathered together in the past, this lively price is not small, a sudden loss of $more than 2 thousand and 700! Onlookers trouble more than two thousand yuan to buy the "eye of the eye," said Zhou master, at that time, he also asked the people around the five. A woman next to say, sell this thing called "five eye" fruit, has aphrodisiac effect, but also can treat prostate disease. When is the week of the master crowd, another woman asked the crowd to stall stall suspected price; say six dollars one or two. (source: litchi network) fruit prices are not expensive, there are so many effects, a week master will move the heart. The fruit stall at the scale installed on hand outs. The price for the week of the master dumbfounded, other than to draw the asking price more than and 400 yuan. The week of the master to see each other a tough way, put the purse of three hundred and ninety yuan to each other. Who know each other to give money, with him than, to $100 bills wallet week master. At this time, the teacher wants to say with each other not to buy, but the scene happened next to let him give up the idea. Zhou said the master, before a woman is too expensive because you do not want to buy, the results were also hit the other side. Until this time, Mr. Zhou came to understand that the "five fruit" is actually asking for six dollars. Zhou master was a little scared, and gave the other six hundred yuan. The idea said the money is not enough, at this time, the side of the passers-by advised Mr. zhou. The week of the master thought, to spend money to buy peace, put on the rest of the money to each other, and spent a total of two thousand seven hundred and nine. In this way, Zhou master spent nearly three thousand dollars, bought a bag of so-called "five eye fruit". After the week master quickly alarm. (source: litchi network) carefully scam stall is a group of passers-by after reconnaissance, the police judge, this is an elaborate hoax, stall and passers-by are a group of onlookers. Not only that, the police also found the scene that were "beaten" the woman in black is also a problem, after forcing the week of the master in the stall to make money, she is left with the others. On the police track when the gang’s whereabouts, in another market in the East, and police said someone cheated. Surveillance, investigation and control team immediately recognized, this is the same group of people in a crime. (source: litchi network) fox tail end police arrested the police tracked the dew in the grasp of clues, excessive attack; related suspects have been arrested! The suspect Choi, Liu and other eight people confessed that they were Yangzhou, Changzhou, Zhenjiang and other places of crime five cases, involving nearly a million yuan. After investigation, the eight men are all Yangzhou people, when committing the crime, often by Cui posing as a minority stall selling so-called "five fruit", the fruit is called Tianzhu grain, commonly known as the glans, "dictionary of Chinese medicine", "Compendium of Materia Medica" are not the drug records, and the actual price of grain of Tianzhu only ten yuan a catty. Currently, the case is under further investigation. First of all, love to join in the fun, cheap mentality can not have this kind of street fraud must be vigilant;相关的主题文章: