Men’s online object cheated girlfriend was actually 220 Jin Han

Men’s online object cheated girlfriend was actually 220 Jin Han Donghai County Shan Zuo Kou Xiang, a young man Tang in the use of social networking software to chat chat, met a network called "little fool * depend on you" girl "". In three months after being cheated for the second time in a row, cheated more than $15000 after the final wake up, after the police found that the girl is a weight of 220 pounds of men. In September 26th, the Donghai County Public Security Bureau Shan Zuokou police station received a report, said the net is "little fool * depend on you" and "female friends" cheated more than 15000 yuan after being pulled black, has not been able to see the reality, it found himself cheated. After police received the alarm quickly for the case analysis, found the Tang to the other transfers up to 57 times, the other has to meet the shopping car, "as an excuse to cheat money, in after receiving the money to a variety of reasons to postpone the meeting time, in Tang proposed" money "after being pulled black. After careful investigation, the police through the transfer of bank card locked the suspect Donghai County Zhen Zhu, and quickly carried out the arrests, on the evening of the same day in Zhu’s home and arrested him. Zhu confessed his pseudonym as the dream of Qin, chatting in the network of social software chat tools to meet the car, shopping and other reasons to cheat Tang cash more than 15000 yuan of criminal facts. The "Qin dream", in fact, an individual weighing 220 pounds of men. Through chat records, police found that the use of a number of chat tools to commit crime registered in three years ago. Zhu explained, this number had lent a Nvwang chat tool use, space is still stored within the female netizen life photos, Zhu from the beginning of July this year, the number of chat tools "girl", became acquainted with the Donghai County Shan Zuo Kou Xiang man Tang, Tang and in the network on the female Zhu agreed at the object, 57 consecutive three months after Zhu Tang cheat money, but never appeared, Tang realized that he cheated after the alarm for help. The victim is Donghai County Tang Shan Zuokou countryman, mother and grandfather had died, and has been living father, grandmother, grandmother is 84 years old to work, father drink every day regardless of family, family without basic economic sources. According to Tang said, "know yourself online and chat after the Qin dream" is to "Qin dream" about the object, but the "Qin dream" several times for various reasons to ask him for money at home, only 2000 dollars in cash to the "she", and borrowed from the bank 6000 dollars, 5000 dollars to lend a friend to come back, and finally sell home wheat got more than 2 thousand dollars to her, but has been unable to meet the "Qin dream" could not see her appetite ". The suspect Zhu said, at the beginning of Tang and chat, he made several "well", "he asked me why I have no money with a sigh, said, he said to give me some money first, I put the bank card to him, he still really turn to me the money, the first time is one hundred dollars. Later he told me to go to his house to play, I lied to him that I had no money to ride, he turned three hundred dollars to me, so I have been a variety of principles.相关的主题文章: