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Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone to turn depends on it [Abstract]Windows Phone has basically failed, but Microsoft is still concerned about the mobile market, and the chance of success of the product through the Surface return to the mobile phone market. Tencent digital news (Gao Xiang) I remember a few years ago, the famous market including IDG analysts, said Windows Phone will be in a few years beyond the iOS setting is Android. But now, this prediction is obviously very funny. Yes, the current Windows mobile phone only the global intelligent mobile phone market share of 1%, that is to say almost no one to buy Windows mobile phone, even more. After all, the annual apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, millet and HUAWEI have enough to meet the needs of users. As a partner of Microsoft, is also very rare, the latest model in the mobile phone market is almost no influence on the launch of HP’s Elite X3, after the allies such as Samsung, LG, HTC, basically all gone. Its own Nuojiya mobile, is almost completely cut. Windows mobile phone is Microsoft has been trying to Windows 10 is equipped with a full platform called system, computer, tablet, mobile phone covers, holographic glasses, Xbox and many other products. Through the huge product line, to attract developers to join Windows Store development and application, and attract consumers through the consistency of the whole platform from Android or iOS. But now, this plan is a failure. Earlier this year, Microsoft indefinitely delays Windows Phone business. But even so, Microsoft will not give up Windows 10 Mobile within a short period of time. Windows President Terry Myerson recently said in an interview, Windows Mobile 10 is still the company’s key projects, but the direction of change, steering technology investment from consumer products. He said that through continued Windows 10 Mobile project, Microsoft ARM can better understand the needs of mobile devices, continue to improve the Windows. A blessing in disguise a neglected Microsoft Surface hardware business is the rise in recent years. You know, Windows 8 times Surface is simply the nightmare of Microsoft, the number of years hit 1 billion dollars all at a loss. However, abandon the pure mobile version of the Surface, focused on Surface Pro, is a very correct decision, let it with renewed vitality. After the success of Surface Pro, Book, Hub and Surface derived from Studio this year, the first party Windows hardware product line has never been so full, and concern. Perhaps Microsoft lost mobile phone market, but if the Suface series continues to sell mobile phone business, but also have the opportunity to come back. You know, Apple had just do computer and walkman..

微软Windows 10手机想要翻身全靠它了 [摘要]Windows Phone基本上已经失败,但微软仍关注移动市场,并且有机会通过Surface产品的成功重返手机市场。腾讯数码讯(高翔) 我还记得几年前,包括IDG在内的著名市场分析机构,均表示Windows Phone将在数年内超越iOS设置是Android。但现在来看,这个预测显然是非常可笑的。是的,目前Windows手机仅占全球智能手机1%的市场份额,也就是说几乎没人再买Windows手机、甚至不再关注。毕竟,每年的苹果iPhone、三星Galaxy以及小米华为们已经足以满足用户的需求了。至于微软的合作伙伴,也是凤毛麟角,最新机型是在手机市场几乎没有影响力的惠普推出的Elite X3,此前的盟友如三星、LG、HTC,基本全都离去。微软自己的诺基亚移动,也几乎裁得一干二净。Windows手机已死微软一直试图将Windows 10搭载称一个全平台系统,涵盖电脑、平板、手机、全息眼镜、Xbox等众多产品。通过庞大的产品线,吸引开发者加入Windows Store开发应用,并通过全平台的一致性吸引消费者离开Android或是iOS。但目前来看,这个计划是失败的。今年早些时候,微软无限期延缓Windows Phone业务。但即便如此,微软短时间内不会放弃Windows 10 Mobile。Windows产品总裁Terry Myerson最近在接受访问时表示,Windows 10 Mobile依然是公司的重点项目,但方向有所改变,从消费产品转向技术投资。他表示,通过继续进行Windows 10 Mobile项目,微软能够更了解ARM移动设备的需求,继续完善Windows。塞翁失马焉知非福一个不容忽视的微软业务是Surface硬件近年来的兴起。要知道,Windows 8时期的Surface简直是微软的噩梦,数年砸进去10亿美元全部亏本。然而,放弃纯移动版本的Surface、专注Surface Pro,是一个非常正确的决定,让其重新焕发生命力。Surface Pro成功之后,衍生出Surface Book、Hub以及今年的Studio,微软的第一方Windows硬件产品线从未如此全面,并且备受关注。或许微软失去了手机市场,但如果Suface系列产品继续热卖,手机业务也有机会卷土重来。要知道,苹果以前也只是做电脑和随身听的。同时,微软还需要继续强化移动应用业务,比如iOS和Android版本的Office,从平台、应用入手,将继续巩固微软用户的粘性,而这些用户或许某一天,会转投微软的Surface Phone。相关的主题文章: