Mid Autumn Festival let us draw the moon to make the moon round-marie digby

Mid Autumn Festival, let us draw the moon to make the moon round the moon, where did you go? The moon is still at night out, how can you not see? Yes, the lost moon…… Not in the sky, in my heart. Under the neon lights of the growth of the more light the more we confused the city temperature, so that the heart is shaky, nowhere to place. The moon’s orbit is around the earth Every day in the one-way route around as train’s fate is not tired at any time to stop lying in bed, touch mobile phone reply friend lost ticket ring delete comments ah, or "free appointment!" When did we become infinitely extended parallel lines…… The night after work, they have to sleep; wake up in the morning, they went to work. It is a few, but live a solitary sense that this is selfish. The moon cake festival on the table, but not the crab meat suction eye blink more wrinkles dad a few months old baby also began to learn to speak of guilt and worry, suddenly engulfed the full circle half mixed coil life track setting woods, fast-paced, high pressure, small circle and emptiness, after work, mobile phone has become the most devoted companion, lonely heart and bustling city is ironic, this is everyone may be suffering from the "city of autism"! Some minds can not wait for a day we might as well try to care about the people around. Lost moon again? Guangzhou rural commercial bank sun public fund special groups for the village club back heart month to draw together the month, make it round! (according to the identification of two-dimensional code, into the interaction)相关的主题文章: