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News-and-Society The journey of Mike Trimarco is like a shining story amid many others than faded in the clear light of day. The recession in the American economy laid bare the weak foundations of many business empires. Traditional fortresses like the Lehman Brothers Trading fell apart. While such catastrophes happened around him, Mike Trimarco didn"t stop to think over. He kept walking on the highway of success, sealing deals here, merging .panies there. The recession and the bad times seemed to have brought the best out of this entrepreneur. As business rivals and peers were looking to salvage their .pany from near sinking, Trimarco was expanding his empire and before long, he became the largest dealer of America"s Number 1 satellite TV service Dish Network Inc. Mike Trimarco had the most ac.plished career as a student. He was not a self-taught businessman. He went to Harvard University and walked out with a MBA degree. While the other businessmen of his times were looking at ways to build up their business, Trimarco knew the theories well. And he had the intelligence to apply those theories into practice. He felt that there was a growing need for American homes to have access to satellite TV networks. There were many areas in the country that could not be connected by cable TV. These mountainous regions can only be connected with the help of satellite dishes. He took the task upon himself to provide them with those services through his .pany. He kept the prices affordable for the average American home. Mike Trimarco"s greatest achievement as a businessman was that he was able to break through certain ceilings. Online satellite TV service providers were a rare breed. There was a lot of scam and fraud involved in the trade. Customers often paid to the fraudulent websites and were conned. Trimarco brought about credibility to this sector. His work with Dish Network Inc. steered clear of anything that the Federal Trade .mission (FTC) would not approve of. He worked relentlessly to improve his online service .works. He kept the channels streamlined, tied up with local dealers of Dish TV and did everything he could to make things convenient for the customers. He also provided free installation and other facilities to draw customers. It took him a lot of hard work to build a $300 million industry. It was not just the prices that attracted the attention of Mike Trimarco. He was also very interested in technology. Trimarco felt that digital technology in satellite TV entertainment would redefine the way Americans perceived TV. On his website and the digital programming that he offers, Trimarco kept things simple, yet exciting. His ways of attracting customers did not have any cheap gimmicks. It was more about offering what they wanted to have but didn"t think was possible. Mike Trimarco changed things with his fresh way of conducting business. He achieved what others in the same arena wanted to but was not aware how. His schooling and education, coupled with his determination, helped him succeed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: