Mike’s dream of Xinjiang, Kashi lightscape

The British Mike Xinjiang Kashi dream of a new network – responsible for production management in the training of local workers for grace. Photo by Zhu Jingzhao Mike? Marsden and his children in the Pamirs. Mike photo Beijing, Kashi (reporter Zhu Jingzhao) in October 14, up 6 in the morning to prepare breakfast for children to reach food factory 20 kilometers from the city of 8, local staff at noon and eat together, pull the sliver pilaf, 6 point night back home…… This is the daily life of Mike, an Englishman, in Xinjiang, Kashi, on a daily basis. Mike, 39, who studied organic agriculture at the in the UK, has a natural plot for organic food in the United Kingdom, at the University of London. In 1999, he went to Xinjiang for the first time to visit the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains. Kashi left a very deep impression on him. He found that no local industrial pollution in agriculture is very suitable for the manufacture of high-quality food, the initiation of the idea to set up factories. Soon, Mike, a graduate student of University of London, came to Xinjiang to study at the. From 2001 to 2006, he has completed the Chinese and Uyghur studies, Xinjiang Agricultural University and the University of Kashi in 2013, Mike? Marsden registered Xinjiang Awei Manchester Food Co. Ltd. in Kashi in 2014, his investment in the UK company to spend 500 thousand pounds to buy land to build factories in Kashi. 14, the reporter arrived at the Kashi SAR Food Industrial Park, Awei food factory, see the 10 Uighur workers in the management of personnel under the guidance of the workshop simulation fruit and vegetable peeling, cutting and other production program. After 10 days, the factory will be put into trial production, Mike? Marsden showed his products to reporters. He unscrewed the soft packing lid in the cup out of the red color of the fruit and vegetable paste. He said that the main fruit preferred Akesu apple, Korla pear and Turpan grapes, vegetables planting from Wuqia County on the Pamirs of carrot etc.. During the trial production of 600 packs a day, in February next year after the formal production, the daily output of up to 2000 packs. Mike? Marsden told reporters, Chinese attaches great importance to the cultivation and education of children, love to buy imported food, imported food, but the price is too high, "our goal is to produce quality assured food, help more children". Mike? Marsden assured food dream to attract like-minded young people to participate in the Xinjiang Kashi, is responsible for production management of the Canadian Garn, responsible for quality supervision of American salad has become a member of his team, "the most important support or wife," he said. In 2006, he worked in Kashi foreign trade company Kimberley in 2008 two Americans met and married in the United States, then settled in Kashi. Now, 5 year old daughter in kindergarten in Kashi, the son of the age of 3 to take care of his wife at home. "Kashi has become our new home," Mike said. "He and his wife have become accustomed to everything here. The children learn and play with the children of all ethnic groups in. (end)相关的主题文章: