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Millet official issued a document to clarify: we only sell in the United States Sohu digital accessories –     Zhongguancun online news: as everyone knows with the domestic market gradually saturated, many domestic manufacturers will like overseas, but due to reasons such as the patent millet has not sold in the United States after the spread of the intelligent mobile phone, virtual operators US  Mobile shelves; mobile phone millet, but millet official soon responded denied. Millet clarifications (picture taken from cnBeta  );   millet official said in a statement: "in the United States only through the official website of Millet (Mi) part of the sale of accessories, no plans by any authorized mobile phone sales channels. US  Mobile did not receive authorization to sell millet related products." In other words, even if US  Mobile selling millet phone is also informal channels and illegal. Millet clarify sell accessories   in the United States;   the previous message called US  Mobile sales China millet mobile phone 2, including red rice and millet millet 3 4I three, and does not support the 4G network, although the price is not high but also offer the installment payment function, but also in the aspect of customer service will provide a Mobile US  year warranty for the sale of mobile phone. 小米官方发文澄清:在美国我们只卖配件-搜狐数码  中关村在线消息:众所周知随着国内市场的逐渐饱和,许多国产厂商都会像海外进军,但由于专利等原因小米一直不敢在美国售卖智能手机,此前传出美国虚拟运营商US Mobile上架了小米手机,但小米官方很快就作出了回应予以否认。 小米澄清内容(图片引自cnbeta)   小米官方声明称:“在美国小米只通过官网(Mi)销售部分配件,没有计划通过任何授权渠道销售手机。US Mobile并未获得授权销售小米相关产品。”换句话来说即使US Mobile售卖小米手机也是未经正规渠道并且不合法的。 小米澄清在美国只卖配件   此前消息中称US Mobile销售中国小米的手机包括红米2、小米3以及小米4i三款,且均不支持4G网络,虽然售价不高但同样提供分期付款功能,而且在售后方面US Mobile还会为所售手机提供一年保修。相关的主题文章: