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The release of millet millet 5 annual flagship will establish offline sales channels for Sina Francisco February 24th afternoon, millet technology today held a new conference, released two mobile phone millet mobile phone 4S and millet mobile phone 5. Millet 4S is an upgraded version of millet 4, priced 1699. Annual flagship millet 5 is divided into three versions, the lowest price of 1999. It will be open sale in March 1st. 4S is a mobile phone millet millet mobile phone 4 upgrade, according to Lei Jun, as of January this year, a total of 4 mobile phone millet sold 16 million units, millet become the new most sales models. Millet mobile 4S using Qualcomm Xiaolong 808 chip, and increased the back fingerprint recognition, memory for 3GB+64GB, priced at 1699 yuan. Millet also launched a special "violet" for women". Subsequently, Lei Jun released the focus of the conference – the annual flagship millet 5. Lei Jun said millet 5 has experienced 18 months of research and development time, the long cycle, is the most mobile phone millet R & D cycle of the past. Lei Jun explained that millet 5 in the research and development to overcome many difficulties, and in front of fingerprint identification, camera optical anti shake and ceramic materials work. Previously, millet mobile phone maintains "a flagship development rhythm, and from July 2014 release of millet 4, millet 5 launch was delayed for half a year. But there are comments that this is in Qualcomm’s flagship chip: Xiaolong 820. Due to poor stability of the flagship chip 810 Qualcomm snapdragon generation, rely on Qualcomm’s flagship chip domestic mobile phone manufacturers or choose a more mature Xiaolong 808, or choose to wait until 820 production. Millet mobile phone chose the latter, and also became the first mass-produced Xiaolong 820 equipped with mobile phone. In the other configuration, millet 5 with a body fingerprint positive, the screen is 5.2 inches 1080P display, millet 5 will be the standard version of 32G, 64G and 128G high version enjoy three versions, priced at 2299: 1999 yuan, and 2699 yuan. It should be noted that the previous network transmission of 3DTouch functionality has not been implemented on millet 5. In the case of Apple Pay into China fiery, millet 5 support full-featured NFC. In fact, in the gap of 4 millet and millet 5, millet also released the millet note, millet and red rice 4C note3, standard pricing were 2599, 1299 and 699. From the price point of view, millet 5 combines millet before "price" ideas, in reference to the millet note experience, although the flagship lowest price is 2000 yuan or less, but the median from the point of view, perhaps this will be the flagship of millet with 2500 yuan price range. It is worth mentioning that, said Lei Jun also conference, millet will upgrade from home service shop for the next line of retail stores, and in the future will expand to achieve the National more than 200. This means that: millet mobile phones and related products are no longer on the whole line of sales, millet is from the "electricity supplier" to the change of all channel retailers. )

小米发布年度旗舰小米5 将建立线下销售渠道   新浪科技讯 2月24日下午消息,小米科技今日召开新品发布会,发布了两款手机:小米手机4S和小米手机5。小米4S是小米4的升级版,售价1699。年度旗舰机小米5则分三个版本,最低售价1999。将在3月1日起公开销售。   小米手机4S是小米手机4的升级,据雷军介绍,截至今年1月,小米手机4共计售出1600万台,成为小米新的销量最多的机型。小米手机4S采用了高通骁龙808芯片,并增加了背部指纹识别,内存方面为3GB+64GB,售价1699元。小米此次还专门为女性推出了“紫罗兰色”。   随后,雷军发布了此次发布会的重点——年度旗舰机小米5。雷军表示小米5此次经历了18个月的研发时间,周期之长,是历代小米手机研发周期之最。雷军解释称,小米5在研发上克服了诸多困难,并在前置指纹识别、相机光学防抖和陶瓷材质方面下了功夫。   此前,小米手机保持着“一年一旗舰”的研发节奏,而距离2014年7月发布的小米4,小米5的推出时间延后了足足半年。但也有评论称,这是在等高通的旗舰芯片:骁龙820。   由于高通骁龙上一代旗舰芯片810的稳定性欠佳,依赖于高通旗舰芯片的国内手机厂商或选择了较为成熟的骁龙808,或选择等到820的量产。小米手机选择了后者,于是也成了搭载骁龙820后首款量产手机。   在其他配置方面,小米5采用了机身正面的指纹技术,屏幕为5.2英寸1080P显示屏,小米5将分32G标准版、64G高配版和128G尊享三个版本,售价分别为:1999元、2299和2699元。   需要说明的是,此前网传的3DTouch功能并没有在小米5上得以实现。在Apple Pay入华火热的情况下,小米5支持全功能的NFC。   实际上,在小米4和小米5的空档期内,小米还陆续发布了小米note、小米4c和红米note3,标准定价分别为2599、1299和699。从定价来看,小米5结合了小米之前“性价比”思路后,也参考了小米note的经验,虽然旗舰机最低价格还在2000元以内,但从中位数来看,小米或许就此将旗舰机带上2500元的价格区间内。   值得一提的是,雷军还在发布会上表示,会将小米之家由服务店升级为线下零售店,并在未来将拓展实现全国200多家。此举或意味着:小米手机和相关产品不再以全线上销售为主,小米正在实现从“电商”到全渠道零售商的转变。(李根)相关的主题文章: