Ministry of Education college entrance examination to enjoy the new qualifications need to

The Ministry of Education: college entrance examination to enjoy new qualification review – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 26 (reporter Liu Yizhan) 26 reporter learned from the Ministry of education, the college freshman enrolled in 2016 began to report enrollment of colleges and universities to enjoy entrance jiafenzhaogu new, independent recruitment and qualification review by newborn newborn the taking of relevant special programs in rural and poor areas. General Office of the Ministry of education "on the 2016 national college admission notice" clear requirements, colleges and universities in strict accordance with the provisions of national admissions policies and enrollment management regulations, conscientiously carry out the admission qualification review. Required for admission to freshmen registration, ID card, account migration certificate, college entrance examination certificate and other materials and candidates paper files, admission roster, electronic files one by one check. To organize an expert group on the arts, sports and professional high level art troupe, high-level sports teams, such as the admission of new students to carry out enrollment retest. Of questionable candidates, carefully and entrance examination institutions at the provincial level students to verify, to prevent fraud and impostor qualification. According to reports, to resort to deceit, through favoritism by way of entrance points qualifications, admission qualifications or impostor freshmen, according to the provisions of public freshman eligibility status, without a provincial entrance examination admission procedures for the newborn and neonatal other illegal admission, the school shall not be electronic registration, and report the relevant departments of the investigations accountable. In principle, the colleges and universities in September 30th, the school freshmen enrollment eligibility review report of local provincial education administrative departments and the competent departments. The requirements of the Ministry of education, the provincial education administrative departments, colleges and universities should attach great importance to freshmen enrollment eligibility review and enrollment electronic registration work, strengthen organizational leadership, implement the functions of departments and persons in charge of the responsibility system. On the job is not fine, will be illegal to recruit students to stay in the school cause adverse consequences, colleges and universities should bear direct responsibility. The provincial education administrative departments should strengthen inspection and supervision, guidance, supervision and strictly implement the relevant provisions of college admissions and enrollment management, and earnestly safeguard and embody the principle of fairness in education, maintain and standardize order in higher education, to maintain and protect the interests of the students.相关的主题文章: